STAR Recognition Awards

Classified Senate STAR Recognition

STAR Recognition Pin Award

The Classified Senate STAR recognition program is intended to show appreciation and recognition of outstanding classified staff members for exceptional contributions and service to our campus and our students by their representation or participation on a Shared Governance Committee or any College Committee. Each year, classified professionals who serve on participatory governance committees will receive a commemorative star lapel pin, recognition on the Classified Senate website, and recognition by the Saddleback College President in a press release.

Any permanent staff member may receive a STAR Recognition pin if they have been recognized by their manager, a college staff member, Classified Senate President or a student for excellent service and/or participation. The current Classified Senate President must be notified via email of any staff member that should be recognized.

STAR Recognition Recipients:

2017-2018 STAR recipients

Yvonne Belardes Michelle MacDougall-Jackson
Rick Chan Doris Muchirahondo
Kevin Dalla Betta Rola Murtada
Elle Du Bois Natasha Noriega-Goodwin
Darren England Patti Nutting
Trish Fain Donna Pribyl
Grisel Heredia Brooke Sauter
Mark Khrumin Mike Sauter
Gabrielle Landingham Valerie Senior
Heather Larson Cora Swanson
Giziel Leftwich Shouka Torabi
Jeff Long Eric Hilden

2019 STAR recipients

Cathy (Catherine) Arreguin Judy Davila
Lori Hefter Michelle Macdougall Jackson
Diana Lloyd Thomas Mackenzie
Rola Murtada Dolly (Dolores) Paguirigan
Cora Swanson Emily Cramer
Juan De La Cruz Marco Madriaga Benavides
Tina Maldini Michelle Weidenkopf
Kimmy Rezvani Jamee Morales
Mira Manchik Lynda Gravesen
Leslie Haugen Linda Hall
Joyce Speakman Shouka Torabi
Donnie Mineo  

2020 STAR recipients