Classified Staff Development Funding Guidelines

Classified Senate Approval of the event must be on file before the event in order to qualify for funding.

District and college policy does not allow individual professional organizational memberships.

Funding is not automatic, and will be reviewed by the Classified Senate funding committee. You will be notified by email about the status of your request once a decision is made.


Complete your Classified Staff Development Funding Request Form
with your signature and submit to Yvonne Belardes, Treasurer.

Please explain in detail how attendance at the conference will benefit you, students and the college. - Attach a separate sheet if necessary.

If driving, start your mileage calculation from the College's address to the Event and back.


Receive approval from the Staff Development Committee for your request.

Total maximum amount per academic year:

Full-time employees - $2000.00 for Conferences/Workshops/Trainings

Part-time employees - $1000.00 for Conferences/Workshops/Trainings


On your return;

Complete the Conference/Workshop/Training Classified Development Evaluation Form and submit to the Classified Senate Treasurer.

Complete the Reimbursement Claim Form for all expenses claimed on the request form within 30 days. Receipts and documentation is needed. Please follow the directions on the form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Classified Staff Development Chair Yvonne Belardes.