Transitions Resources for Educators

CTE Transitions is a program designed to connect several educational organizations by means of a formal articulation agreement. The agreement identifies the student learning outcomes based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for students to earn college credit through successful completion of the high school/ROP course or program. This allows high school/ROP students to transfer straight into Saddleback College and prevents a student from repeating a course in high school/ROP and college.

For high school/ROP teachers who want to articulate their courses with Saddleback College:

  1. Identify a Saddleback College course that closely parallels the high school/ROP course to be articulated.
  2. Submit the course outline to the appropriate Saddleback College contact for review.
  3. A Course Articulation Agreement is created by the Saddleback College Department Chair.  See examples in the List of Courses for High School Educators.
  4. High school/ROP and college instructors review and agree on the competencies to be taught in both high school/ROP and college courses.
  5. Agreements are signed by high school/ROP and college officials.
  6. CTE Transitions course is added to the matrix of approved CTE Transitions courses.

Resources for Educators & Counselors


Early College Credit definitions for Counselors

List of High School's, District's, and ROP's reference guide

At a glance_FAQ sheet for Counseling Services

For high school/ROP teachers who have an approved articulated course, here are the CATEMA instructions.

Full CATEMA Teacher Training Manual (complete)

CATEMA Training Manual Individual Topics:
Background Information

Teacher Module Intro:
     Teacher FAQ
     Process for Teachers
     Teacher Checklist

     Module 1: Setting up a CATEMA Account for Teachers
     Module 1Forgot Username/Password
     Module 2: Creating a Class in CATEMA
     Module 3: Accepting Students
     Module 3.5: Wrong Enrollment 
     Module 4: Entering Grades

Student Module Intro:
Student/Parent FAQ
Student Process Overview

Module 1: Student Preparation
   Student Checklist
   Parent Permission form

Module 2: Student Application to Saddleback College Intro
     Lesson 1: Student Create Open CCC Account
     Lesson 2: Student Complete Saddleback Application
     Lesson 3: Obtaining A Saddleback ID


Module 3: CATEMA for Students Intro
     Creating Student Account
     Returning Students
     Enrolling in Classes
     CATEMA Student Guide