CTE 2008 - 2009 Externships

Saddleback College Judith Nowland Send Email PowerPoint
Fashion Design
South Coast Repertory Power Point File 34mb
Costume Design; establish a new certificate in Costume Design PDF File 8.5mb

Saddleback College Charles Myers Send Email Myers Video
Red Digital Cinema Win - Windows Video 14mb

Saddleback College Darrell Deeter Send Email PowerPoint
Paul Pfaff Racing Engines PowerPoint File 25mb
Training in special racing engines PDF File 1mb

Saddleback College Mike Reed Send Email Reed Video
OC Register Win - Windows Video 114mb

Saddleback College Robert Farnsworth Send Email PowerPoint
Tree of Life Nursery PowerPoint File 45mb

Saddleback Valley Unified School District Mary Kozick Send Email PowerPoint
Health Care & Human Services
Saddleback Memorial Center PowerPoint File 7mb
Learn more about careers in health care and what skills employers are looking for. PDF File 2.2mb

Capo Valley Unified School District Brian Devaney Send Email PowerPoint
Video Production
Cox Communication PowerPoint File 21mb
Job Shadow and learn industry approaches to video production including NTSC and Hi-Def. PDF File 1mb

Saddleback Valley Unified School District Suzanne Dean Send Email PowerPoint
Art Institute PowerPoint File 6.8mb
Work in the institute's career center and learn more about employment opportunities for careers in the arts. PDF File 1mb

Coastline ROP Craig Cooper Send Email PowerPoint
Entertainment and Film
Blue Tango Productions PowerPoint File .4mb
Learn the latest in entertainment and film career opportunities. PDF File .25mb

Saddleback College Dr. Jan Ventura Send Email PowerPoint
Small Business Administration/SCORE
  PowerPoint File .5mb
Learn the latest in starting small businesses, so as to provide counseling to students in a career crisis. PDF File .5mb

Capo-Laguna ROP Ann Bergen Send Email PowerPoint
Theatre Management
San Juan Hills High School PowerPoint File 5mb
  PDF File 1.5mb

Saddleback College Karen Taylor PowerPoint
International Printing Museum
  PowerPoint File 18.5mb
Will learn new technology in print making. PDF File 3mb

Saddleback College Malia Hill Send Email PowerPoint
Fashion Design
fashionbizinc.org/Oakley PowerPoint File 6mb
Fashion Business Incubator PDF File 2mb

Coastline ROP Tim Chambers Send Email Adobe PDF File
Auto Technology
Superior Automotive Engineers  
Gain insight in engine design and repair. PDF File 1.5mb

Saddleback Valley Unified School District Steve Uthus Send Email PowerPoint
EDD Office: One Stop Center in Irvine PowerPoint File 4.5mb
  PDF File .3mb

Saddleback College Orlantha Nin Send Email PowerPoint
Law Enforcement
Orange County Sheriff Department PowerPoint File 10.4mb
Investigate career paths and educational preparation for careers with the Orange County Sheriff Department. PDF File .5mb

Irvine Unified School District Eric Davies Send Email PowerPoint
Hoag Hospital PowerPoint File 6.4mb
Career Opportunities Available at Hoag Hospital PDF File .9mb

Coastline ROP Wendy Tappan Send Email PowerPoint
Hospitality Tourism
Ritz Carlton, Newport Marriott PowerPoint File 3.8mb
Gain experience in today's world of hospitality and identify future needs in this industry. PDF File .5mb

Saddleback Valley Unified School District Ken Welch Send Email PowerPoint
Irvine BMW and Crevier BMW PowerPoint File 9.2mb
Will be updated on vehicle computer systems and repair. PDF File 4.2mb

Saddleback College Christina Anderson Send Email Anderson Externship
Radio Technologies
100.3 The Sound Radio Station Win - Windows Video 102mb

Saddleback Valley Unified School District Thomas Williams Send Email PowerPoint
Solar Voltaic Systems
Suntrek-Irvine PowerPoint File 4.4mb
Learn new technology on design and installation of Solar Voltaic Systems for both residential and commercial generation. PDF File 3.8mb

Irvine Unified School District Maranda Tucker Send Email Quicktime Video
Photography and digital cameras
Images By Dwayne Mac - Quicktime Video 102mb
Will learn the newest technologies in photography and digital cameras as well as the challenges for photography small business owners.  

Irvine Unified School District Hali Kessler Send Email Quicktime Video
Film and Academy of the Arts Mac - Quicktime Video 1.7mb

Saddleback Valley Unified School District Eileen Linzey Send Email Eileen Linzey Video
Learn the latest innovation in design, textiles and marketing.  

Saddleback Valley Unified School District Brent Pillsbury Send Email PowerPoint
Online Gaming
Blizzard Entertainment PowerPoint File 6.1mb
Career Opportunities in Video Game Design/Production. PDF File 742k

Saddleback Valley Unified School District Rya Carpenter Send Email PowerPoint
Science and Engineering
Raytheon PowerPoint File 2.7mb
Science and engineering exploration. PDF File 540k

Saddleback Valley Unified School District Kurt Labbe Send Email PowerPoint
Product Design
Art Institute PowerPoint File 1.9mb
Shadowing faculty at the Art Institute to learn latest technology in product design.  

Coastline ROP Lisa Cookston Send Email PowerPoint 2007
Orange County Emergency Medical Services PowerPoint File 113k
Understand and participate in supplementing current EMT curriculum with new nationwide standards PDF File 182k

Laguna Beach USD Kay Ostensen Send Email PowerPoint 2007
Careers in Pediatrics
Office of Dr. Debra Miller, Pediatrician at South Coast Medical Center in Laguna Beach PowerPoint File 716k
  PDF File 752k

Coastline ROP Bridget Mondt Send Email PowerPoint
Human Resources
Cox Communication, Black & Decker, Allergan, & Advanced Medical Optics PowerPoint File 455k
Working with Human Resources Department at area corporate headquarters to learn more about the recent changes in California Human Resources laws. PDF File 199k

Coastline ROP Cheryl Dimson Send Email Website Link
Visual Art Design
Orange County Offices of Designers Website
Working with area visual art designers to learn more about the industry and then creating a website highlighting these interviews and lessons learned.  

Coastline ROP Tina Murphy Send Email Power Point File
Film Industry
Explore careers in documentary film making. PowerPoint File 10 MB
  PDF File 1 MB

Irvine Unified School District Judith Koch-Jones Send Email  
OCC Career Center and OC Chambmer of Commerce