CTE 2010 - 2011 Professional Developments

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The Chemistry of Natual Resources--Green Chemistry
As part of the annual American Chemical Society national meeting in Anaheim, CA on March 27. 31,2011, this program called "The Chemistry of Natural Resources" presents information and activities realted to Green Chemistry, Green Technology, Green Energy Technology, and Sustainability. Workshops include development of the next i generation chemists, hands-on experiments demonstrating green chemistry technologies, and projects involving students solving the world's energy problems.

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Workshop at NAEA conference
I will be researching fashion photography and it's role in the current trend of non-traditional wedding photography, then participating in a mock bridal shoot with a professional wedding photographer.

Irvine Unified School District Michelle Pritzl Send Email PowerPoint File
Foto Week DC
I will be attending an international photography festival, Foto Week DC, job shadowing the curatorial staff and helping install one of the photography shows.

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ASS Green Chemistry Conference
Attended the ASC Green Chemistry Conference to learn about the industry and career opportunities.

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NAB Conference
As far as incorporating this new information into my classroom I feel we have made the right choices as far as camerasm and High Definition go. We now have to add accessories such as a steadicam, a rail system, and jib or crane.