Externships /Professional Development

Saddleback College administers grant funds for externships and professional development activities for faculty and staff. Externships provide opportunities to upgrade skills by engaging in job shadow activities in the private sector. Professional Development activities provide for opportunities to upgrade skills by attending workshops in specific Career Pathways.

Applications and Instructions

Externship or Professional Development Application
Externship or Professional Development Application Instructions

Contact: Tracy McConnell

Funded Projects

2013 - 2014 Externships

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Externship: Description

2013 - 2014 Professional Developments

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Professional Development: Description

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Professional Development: Description

2012 - 2013 Externships

Industry Sector: Engineering & Design, Energy and Utilities

Capistrano Unified School District    Rick Stinson: EcoMotion Business Visit

                               Externship: Visit by EcoMotion.

Industry Sector: Arts, Media and Entertainment

Capistrano Unified School District    John Hallam: The 2012 CNN Heroes Awards

San Juan Hills High School

Mission Viejo High School

Mission Viejo High School

Saddleback Valley Unified School District    Kathy Cannarozzi-Harris: At The Rose Center Theater

Laguna Hills High School

Saddleback Valley Unified School District    Casey Moir: Lexus Dealership

2012 - 2013 Professional Developments

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Professional Development: Description

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Professional Development: Description

2011 - 2012 Externships

Industry Sector: Engineering & Design, Energy and Utilities

Irvine Unified School District     Ashley Schenkel     Green Technology Careers

Externship: Visit an Engineering research lab at UCI and a local engineering/architecture business to learn about and advise students in Green Technology Careers

Industry Sector: All CTE Industry Sectors

Irvine Unified School District     Leticia Dumas     CTE-Education that leads to job placement

Externship: Visit the Community College CTE Department to identify CTE pathways for our students.

Industry Sector: Arts, Media & Entertainment

Irvine Unified School District     Brooke Martin     Arts, Media & Entertainment Industry

Externship: Job Shadow an editor/colorist who works for the television industry to learn color-correcting film skills.

Industry Sector: Transportation

Irvine Unified School District     Denise Thienes     Innova Automotive Diagnostics

Externship: Visit Innova Automotive Diagnostics Co. To learn about technology based diagnostics for automotive repair.

2011 - 2012 Professional Developments

Industry Sector: Arts, Media & Entertainment

altTag     Brad Harris     The Lindeman-Sobel Approach

Professional Development: Attend a workshop to learn the latest wind instrument skills, The Lindeman-Sobel approach and bring this back to the Music and Entertainment CTE program at Woodbridge High School.

2010 - 2011 Externships (Do we want these in this new format or the old way?)

Saddleback College     Orlantha Nin     Kaiser Pharmacy, Mission Viejo

To provide career information to students interested in pharmacy careers. To assist students with understanding career preparation, skills and personal qualities that best suit this career.

Coastline ROP     Craig Cooper     West Hills Hospital

Preparing CTE students for entry level jobs within acute care hospitals.

Saddleback College     Dana Chade     Saddleback College Daycare Center

Learn how the role of play works with child development.

Saddleback College     Marcia Anderson     Orange County Performing Arts Center - The 360 Theatre Pavilion

See highlights from a day in the life of a professional dancer.

Saddleback College     Everett Yee     U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

U.S. Fish and Wildlife externship with a senior wildlife biologist for high school AP Environmentel Science.

Saddleback College     Denise Thienes     Monrovia High School

This externship will provide Irvine HS/Coastline ROP with the teacher training, cirriculum, modules, lessons and student activities needed to offer the UC regents apporoved(Elective G) Automotive Engineering. This course has been offered and taught in the Monrovia School District since 2006.

Saddleback College     Beverly Matsuda     Univ. of California Irvine Ca.

Working alongside a cooperative extension pomologist with expertise in environmental and crop management factors, developing propagation guidelines, and using state of the art technologies.

Saddleback College     Julian Gonzalez     Cabinet Shop

I would like to develop a cabinet making course and would like to see how the professionals do it. And learn the techniques from the professionals to make the job easier.

Saddleback College     Brooke Martin     Opus Bank, 19900 MacArthur Blvd., 12th Floor

Externship job shadow of Marketing Professional in the Banking Industry, identifying needed edutation, skills, and technological competence.

Saddleback College     Terry Trombatore     Service Board Supply

The Purpose of the visitation was to bring new technology and methods to our wood technology program in order to stimulate student intrest and knowledge.I also wanted to mirror the techniques and skills used in manufacturing to update those being taught in our advancd wood technology classes.

Coastline ROP     Tom Williams     Environmental and Energy Tech.

This project requires our construction students to build a 10'high kiosk. The Environmental and Energy Tech. students will install a stand-alone solar system so the kiosk with be lit during the night.

Coastline ROP     Lisa Snowden     La Jolla Group in Irvine

This externship will upgrade my skills and allow me to keep up with current industry friends. I'm always looking for ways to develop new projects, that will better prepare my students for the future. Engaging in job shadow activities support my wish.

Saddleback College     Christine Stroh     Schools FirstCredit Union, Santa Ana

To perpare students interested in banking/creidt union field. Help them understand all facets of the industry.

Saddleback College     Adam Atallah     UCI

Through a "Meet the Scentists" seminar and an interview and lab walkthrough with Dr. Hans Kierstead of the Reeves-IrvineResearch Center, I will learn about the lastest research in spinal cord injury therapy.

Coastline ROP     Sandra Davis     Police Department

My Goal is to increase and update my knowledge about career in law enforcement and to share the same with my students, peers, and parents.

Saddleback College     Beth Lee     Community management agency

So, you want to work with computers? There are many directions you can take, learn about them here.

Coastline ROP     Tim Chambers     Euromasters Classic Cars

Exploring new technology in the art of car restoration.

Saddleback College     Beverly Matsuda     Tanaka Farms Irvine

Tanaka Farms is local organic farm that works in olericulture as well as pomology. They have a produce stand to sell thier product on site. They also have local programs such as tours, wagon rides, and community harvest fests. It is more than just a vegatable patch.

Saddleback College     Darin Petzold     San Diego- Shellacfinishes.biz

A group of four woodshop teachers are working with a shellac finish expert in order to learn the many way uses & techniques of shellac finishing.

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