The Cooperative Work Experience program helps students achieve their educational and career goals through internships. Internships and work experiences must be related to a CTE academic program. Also, your CWE units may be transferable, check with an acadmic counselor.
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STUDENTS START HERE: (***Not all programs at Saddleback College offer CWE Internships. Contact the Department Chair in your Academic Program to verify if CWE is offered)
1. You must have a job or a secured internship in order to apply for the CWE program. Use Gaucho Jobs to find internships or click for more resources.

2. Read the student workbook.

Complete the Summer CWE Program Enrollment Application(.pdf)
*** Attention Mac users: We recommend you use Adobe Reader to view and complete the application as Mac Preview (the default document viewer) may have compatibilty problems with the application). Click here to download Adobe Reader for Mac.

4. Contact the CTE Program Department Chair in your academic program to:

* Submit your completed CWE Program Enrollment Application &
* Request a referral to a CWE Instructor in your program

5. If approved, your assigned CWE Instructor will issue you an Add Permit Code (APC).

Use the APC code to register for the CWE course in Mysite

You must complete all steps listed in the above section 'Start Here' to be successfully enrolled.

06/17/2013 - 08/09/2013 (8-week session)
*** You must complete Steps 1-6 above by 6/26/2013

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General Information / Student Assistance
Kristina Khabovets

BGS 226 or 227B

Faculty Assistance

Linda Hall
BGS 212

Instructors and Students: CWE Program Enrollment Application is required before class registration is allowed. Students must have an Add Permit Code (APC) assigned by their CWE instructor before they will be allowed to register for Cooperative Work Experience classes.


Note: CWE has been re-organized, if you were a CWE student from 2011 or before, any request for information regarding your CWE records should be directed to the Office of the Vice President of Instruction