Curriculum Committee Form: C2

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Online Education Course Curriculum Committee Request Form

Each course, whether hybrid or fully online, shall be approved by the Curriculum Committee and must include a description of how regular and substantive contact will be met.  Given the variety of ways in which regular and substantive contact can be met and online courses can be designed, approval shall only pertain to the individual faculty member listed on this form.

All faculty must complete the Curriculum Committee Form C2 whenever:

  • You wish to offer an online course (hybrid to fully online) for the first time.
  • Your previously approved online course has significant changes (course title and units, change in units taught online, instructor’s regular and substantive contact, changes in style of delivery,  or if the instructor has a name change).
  • Your previously approved online course (hybrid or fully online) was approved prior to Fall 2011.

Key Support Documents:

Next Steps:

  1. Work with the Center Coordinator in the Faculty Center for Student Success to update your C2 form and course syllabus.
  2. Once completed, download your C2 form.
  3. Attach your updated course syllabus to the C2 form.
  4. Obtain the required signatures on your C2 form.
  5. Submit your C2 form with your updated course syllabus to the Curriculum Office in BGS 211/212.