You have found the right place if you are looking to:

  • Propose a new course 
  • Complete a scheduled course review
  • Request an unscheduled (off-list) course review for a course that is not due for scheduled review. Some reasons that a course may come for unscheduled review:
    • C-ID or ADT required changes
    • Articulation or transfer is in jeopardy
    • A change in another course triggered a critical change in an existing course for example change of a course ID on a pre-requisite course, or change in a family
    • Industry licensure or regulatory compliance

Use the links under this heading to access details on how to propose a new course, complete a scheduled review, or request an unscheduled (off-list) review.

Please refer the Course Approval Flowchart for a visual of the steps taken to approve a new course or course revision. Please direct questions to your division's Curriculum Lead or the Curriculum Chair.