NEW AA, AS, or Certificate (or sub changes to existing)

Program Initiation Process MUST be completed for all new AA, AS Degrees, and Certificates (Low Unit and Traditional)   

  New Program Initiation Form

Note: If you are proposing both a certificate and degree, even if the topic is the same, separate proposals must be submitted for each one. 

For NEW A.A., A.S. Degrees, and Certificates (not ADTs)

Once your proposal has cleared the program initiation process, complete and submit the following:

Additional Documentation for Transfer Preparation Programs Only

  1. 51% Transfer Preparation Evidence                                                                                               
    • ASSIST Articulation Agreement by Major (AAM) or
    • See PCAH pg. 82 or 85 for other evidence options
    • Articulation Officer Aimee Tran can help 

Additional Documentation for CTE Programs Only (submit as 3 separate documents) 

  1. Advisory Committee Minutes
    • Include committee membership, date of meeting, and minutes
    • Highlight the part that relates to this program proposal with clear action/recommendation of program (name and type, certificate and/or degree,  needs to be specified)
    • Israel Dominguez can help with this
  2. Regional Consortia Approval Meeting Minutes
  3. Labor Market Documentation (from LAOCRC data request )

To Submit

Use the Program Master as a checklist -Make sure every box is checked. 

  • Save all documents for the proposal as separate, clearly named files. 
  • Attach all documents in one email with a clear subject line (a zip folder can be used).
  • Submit an electronic version of each proposal to your division's Curriculum Chair (see list on right).

Do not combine all components into one document because they have to be filed in different places.

If you have questions or need help with any part of the process, please reach out to your Curriculum Chair.