New Course Proposals

New Course Proposal/Initiation Process and Timeline

(The last submission window closed on January 28th, 2022 with an anticipated start date Fall 2023.)

The next submission window closes September 23rd, 2022 with an anticipated start date of Spring 2024.

  • Proposals for new courses being developed with the intention of being added to a new or existing program must be accompanied by the new or revised program paperwork so that courses and programs align and become viable at the same time.
  • Courses/programs received after the deadlines will be placed into the next submission window.

To propose a new course:

  1. Complete a New Course Proposal Form.
  2. SUBMIT your new course initiation form and any supporting documentation electronically to your division's Curriculum Chair with a clear subject line such as CDE 624 New Course Docs. 
  3. Once your course proposal receives approval by the Curriculum Committee (email will come from the Curriculum Chair), use the New Course Entry Guidelines and other resources to create your Course Outline in Curriqunet META.
  4. If necessary, to document either transferability or repeatability, download the relevant pages from the four-year institution's catalog that will provide validation for your request. This information will need to be given to the Articulation Officer for submission.


  • If you use a division scanner, MAKE SURE to take the time to type the clear subject line otherwise we will end up with 30 new courses named "sent from a Xerox" and we won't be able to tell them apart.
  • If you need assistance with any part, please contact the Curriculum Chair assigned to your division.