New Program Status

New Program Initiation Status Chart (including 9/24/21 submission window)

Program Title Type Date received 

Curriculum Committee approval to build

Academic Senate consent CC  intent

LAOCRC intent  (CTE only)

LAOCRC   recomm.   

Geriatric Nutrition Cert 1/29/21 3/4/21 3/17/21      
Sports Nutrition Cert 1/29/21 3/4/21 3/17/21      
Sustainable Food Systems Cert 1/29/21 3/4/21 3/17/21      
Construction Management AS 9/24/21          
Musical Theatre AA 9/22/21 11/4/21 11/17/21   NA NA
Interior Design Digital Production Cert 9/24/21 11/4/21 11/17/21      
Costuming Cert 8/24/21 10/14/21 10/20/21      
Data Analytics Cert 9/21/21 10/28/21 11/3/21      
Business Data Analytics and Database AS 9/21/21 10/28/21 11/3/21      

Once a new program is approved by the Curriculum Committee, it will go to Academic Senate and then Consultation Council. If the program is a CTE degree or certificate,  LAOCRC recommendation as well as Advisory Committee minutes will be required. After these steps have been successfully completed, the Curriculum Chair will notify the faculty initiator and request that Narratives (#1-7) and a Program Master be completed. 

It is advisable that faculty begin working on program paperwork in anticipation of approvals. Any questions, please contact your division's Curriculum Chair.