Online Course Approval

Nov 20th- Online Addendum due for courses being taught online in Spring 2021 (if one doesn't already exist). Please submit using the form below. We will be transitioning to META when we start scheduled course review in the Spring.


  1. Complete the Online Addendum form and submit to Michelle Duffy ( and Cora Swanson (
  2. Once submitted, the form will be reviewed by the DE Committee and logged by the Curriculum Chair on the Addenda Status report page. The addendum will be visible, yet the "Ready to Schedule" date will be blank until approved by the Curriculum Committee.
  3. Once approved by the Curriculum Committee, you will see the approved addenda linked to the status report with an active date "Ready to Schedule" date.
  4. Approved courses can be taught by any faculty member assigned the course. Faculty teaching distance education course shall be selected and assigned by the same procedures used to determine all other instructional assignments per Administrative Regulation 6112 Distance Education (AR 6112).
  5. Approved courses can be scheduled in any percentage of online instruction (i.e. hybrid or 100%)
  6. Addenda will be reviewed at the time of scheduled course review.