DSPS Application for Services


Saddleback College provides educational services and access for eligible students with documented disabilities who intend to pursue coursework at Saddleback College. A variety of programs and services are available which afford eligible students with disabilities the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of college programs and activities through appropriate and reasonable accommodations. Completion of this form constitutes an agreement to apply for DSPS.

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Student Responsibilities

  1. I will provide DSPS with the information, documentation and/or forms (educational, psychological, medical, etc.) deemed necessary by DSPS to verify my disability(ies).
  2. I will meet with a DSPS professional to complete a Student Educational Contract, and agree to meet with a DSPS counselor or specialist at least annually to update the Student Educational Contract.
  3. I will utilize DSPS in a responsible manner. I understand that DSPS uses written service provision policies and procedures that must be adhered to for continuation of services.
  4. I will comply with the Student Code of Conduct adopted by the college. (Click here to view the Saddleback College Student Handbook.)

Personal information recorded on this form will be kept confidential in order to protect against unauthorized disclosure. Portions of this information may be shared with the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges or other state or federal agencies; however, disclosure to these parties is made in strict accordance with applicable statutes regarding confidentiality, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. 1232 (g)). The information on this form is being collected pursuant to California Education Code Sections 67310-67312, and 84850; and California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 56000 et seq.