ePortfolio Handbook - How to Structure your ePortfolio

Saddleback College requires that you follow a standard outline for your ePortfolio.  Beyond that, we encourage you to use your imagination and creativity to make your ePortfolio uniquely yours.  Use the chart below to structure your ePortfolio. 

The headings in the top row are to be used as the standard tabs within your ePortfolio and the bolded titles in the second row are to be used as standard subsections.  Additional tabs and subsections can be added as desired.  More detailed instructions on each of the tabs and sections follows this chart.


Reflections on Institutional Outcomes

Classroom Experiences

Real-world Experiences


Use this section to welcome visitors to your ePortfolio.

About Me
Introduce yourself.  Tell visitors a little bit about yourself such as your background, hobbies, interests, and any other interesting information.  You want to show what makes you and your experiences unique.


Short-Term Goals

Long-Term Goals

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)

Here you will paste a list of Saddleback College’s ISLOs (see pages 5-7 below). When you complete an assignment which meets one of the ISLOs, you will write a brief reflection paragraph on what you attained personally through the assignment.

Here you will post classroom assignments/

activities that help you meet the college’s ISLOs. 

Here you will post real-world assignments/

activities that help you meet the college’s ISLOs.  These can include course assignments such as service learning or internships, extra-curricular activities such as student clubs, or work-related experiences.