Early College Pathways

About Early College Pathways

Through partnerships with our K-12 districts, students eligible for high school have the opportunity to begin their college career while paying no tuition for college classes. High school students can earn college AND high school credits at the same time when they take Saddleback College classes at their high school, at Saddleback College campus, or Saddleback College online classes.

Students who are currently enrolled in high school but wish to take a college class at the same time are what we refer to as a Special Admit Students. Saddleback College provides two distinct avenues for Special Admit students to enroll in college classes: Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Enrollment. The following chart outlines the difference between the two programs.

Concurrent Enrollment vs. Dual Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Student initiated: The student can initiate their own entrance into Concurrent Enrollment but will need approval of their high school counselor and principal to enroll. High School initiated: High school will identify cohort of students taking a Dual Enrollment class.
Class(es) will be taken on the Saddleback College campus. Class(es) offered at the participating high school campus.
Generally, open to juniors and seniors with a 2.5 or better GPA. High School determines which students to match with which class.
Students can take class during and/or after regular high school day. Students typically only take class during their regular high school day.
Students will be taking classes with regular-admit college students. Typically, only other high school students will be in the class.
Students will not be able to register until the first day of class. Students will have the opportunity to register ahead of time.