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Kreativ Alchemy

Kreativ Alchemy is a media production and marketing agency specializing in branding and launching startups and personal brands. We combine creative marketing, messaging, and graphic design to help your brand capitalize on every interaction, dominate every digital platform, make meaningful connections, and become a leader in your target market. Our services include social media marketing, advertising, design, animations, copywriting, and more. 

Kayla Klein &
Connor Foltyn-Smith
kreativalchemy.com     streamsemester.com

Participating in Saddleback’s Entrepreneurship Program gave us the backbone and confidence to step away from our 9-5 jobs to run Kreativ Alchemy full-time. In order to confidently make the leap into running our own business, we needed a foundation to organize our ideas, finances, and the steps to make it happen. We couldn’t have done that without Dr. Fredrickson and this program to drive us in the right direction.

Taqueros & Taco Bar Catering

Taqueros Mexican Restaurant is a fast casual restaurant located in San Juan Capistrano and Mission Viejo. We specialize in making authentic quality Mexican food. Our focus is to create a great overall customer experience by providing friendly, quick, affordable and tasty service. We personally won't serve anything that we wouldn't enjoy ourselves. 

Taco Bar Catering is one the top rated Mexican catering companies in Orange County. Our goal is to make catering as easy and delicious as possible. We understand hosting any kind of event is stressful and we like to help with that burden. 

Gustavo Lezama
Taqueros      Taco Bar Catering

Saddleback College helped me improve my existing business. I was already a restaurant owner before coming to the Entrepreneurship program. I decided to go back to school because even though I already had a business, I had no structure and my business was struggling. The program helped me realize opportunities that I did not see before. I was able to capitalize and build a catering concept from my existing business. Scott challenged us to work within our realistic means, expand our thinking and guide us in the right direction.

Coco's Cocktail Caravan

Coco's Cocktail Caravan is a 1972 Major Way trailer lovingly restored and transformed into a darling, sassy mobile cocktail bar ready to party at your next celebration. Coco is a fully functioning bar even bringing along her own bartenders to complete the celebration. Suitable for corporate, private, and social events.

Robin Pajaro
Coco's Cocktail Caravan

The Entrepreneurship Program was key to helping me successfully launch my business. Dr. Fredrickson asked the big question of what problem or need my business was trying to solve or fill for people. Without a problem or need, there is no business. He also taught how to scale down our huge business ideas and make them realistic and achievable. Dr. Fredrickson teaches from a vast amount of his own business experience and knowledge, and he does it with humor, making a serious and difficult class fun and approachable. I'm so grateful to the Entrepreneurship for giving me the essential tools to make my business a success.

Jim Langford Photography

Jim Langford is a landscape / portrait photographer specializing is fine art prints. Jim provides photography workshops in remote wilderness locations. He conducts on location workshops focusing on camera competency and provides training in the digital editing of your images to ensure that you come home with quality images that will be cherished for years to come. Jim's specializes in Canon's digital camera platforms but is also proficient in all types and makes of digital photography equipment. 

Jim Langford
Jim Langford Photography

Working through the entrepreneurship program at Saddleback College has changed my life forever! The vision and dedication to the entrepreneurship program at Saddleback College is undeniably an inspiration for anyone looking to get into their own business.

Cole's Carts

Cole's Carts specializes in custom golf cart production, repairs, and maintenance. Established in August 2014, CEO Cole started the business with a strong emphasis on keeping jobs in America. Cole and his employees strive towards the best by offering mobile golf cart repair, transport services, and street legal registration at a reasonable price. In offering these services, there is a list of other services offered, including but not limited to golf cart batteries, gasoline engine repair, and tire replacement. 

Cole Schamber
Cole's Carts

Saddleback College's Entrepreneurship program helped Cole's Carts grow its business by further expanding our skills in running a business. Having a general background in operations of a business, Cole's Carts has added new employees, a payroll system, and new marketing methods all as a result of creating a strong business plan. Without help from Professor Fredrickson, Cole's Carts would not be in the strong position it is now.

Pacific Coast Properties

Pacific Coast Properties was founded in 2005 by real estate broker Audra Smith and is a full-service real estate firm specializing in selling, purchasing, 1031 exchanges, leasing/rentals, and property management. We are a multi-year recipient of the Five Star Professional Award which put us in the top 3% of all Orange County real estate agents, and we have achieved the Certified Buyers and Sellers Expert Advisor accreditation. We believe in building custom real estate plans and portfolio's that fit each client's individual needs and goals and would love the opportunity to discuss your real estate goals with you, and earn your business! 

Audra Smith

Being a part of Saddleback's Entrepreneurship Program not only helped drive home the business principles I had already known and been applying, it renewed and revitalized me to take my business to the next level. Focusing on the importance of a strong business and marketing plan, as well as thinking outside the box with creativity, I was caused to develop a new approach to my brand and to my future success through the great ideas learned from Dr. Fredrickson and this program!

Koosha Design

Koosha Design is a design studio that crafts modern, engaging and user-friendly websites, memorable and solid brands and customized graphic design services. We work with business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs through a comprehensive design process to help them better understand their ideal target market, generate the right type of content and implement strategies that could help business owners achieve their goals. 

Koosha Damyar

Saddleback Entrepreneurship program offered me a new perspective to see the world; to see opportunities and expand my horizon. I learned running a creative design business is more than just offering a good service, it's about finding problems that require creative solutions, narrow my focus on the right type of service and product and offer those solutions and products to the right audience.

Paper for Jays

Paper For Jays is an online CBD/ Smoke Shop. Established in the chaotic year of 2020 we see a growing market share for CBD and cannabis accessories market. With the Biden administration we feel very strongly about decriminalization of cannabis federally and seek to be at the forefront of this booming market.

Jeffrey Wilfong

The Entrepreneurship program helped me pivot my business idea and was crucial in the development of my business. The strong entrepreneur community art Saddleback made me accountable for proceeding forward with my venture. I have also made a lot of good friends through the program and the countless guest speakers that I can also network with in the future. I have known Professor Fredrickson for many years now and I’m honored that I met someone that could help me with my venture.

Thank God

Thank God is a faith-based clothing brand that aims to spread the Word of God but just wearing a piece of clothing, while looking stylish. All it takes is a glance at the words “Thank God” in order to spark a conversation.

Sterling Reed & Grant Lawrence

The Entrepreneurship class with Dr. Fredrickson changed everything for business for me. He tackled the big scary concepts that made starting a business sound too complicated. He explained concepts such as starting an LLC, or getting a name trademarked in ways that made it very easy to comprehend, and gave us the confidence to start a business. His knowledge, incredible personality and most importantly his experience having businesses was fantastic and I would recommend anyone that has any sort of interest in business to take his class.


Reconnaissance and Surveillance Company is a veteran owned and operated tactical training and clothing apparel company that was formed by Jaeger Schnuerle. Jag served in the United States Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper and after his enlistment began crafting his own designs from scratch in notebooks and napkins and drawing up tattoo designs for buddies until he finally found his niche.

Jaeger Schnuerle

The Entrepreneur Program at Saddleback College is phenomenal to say the least. When it comes to starting a new business it can feel like an impossible task but with Dr. Fredrickson’s class it is broken down into multiple small parts that you can accomplish. Dr. Fred guided me through several difficult hurdles as well as put me in contact with a few mentors to help me further along my journey. Really grateful for all the course has done for me.