Foster and Kinship Care Education Resources

Resource Family Support Opportunities


California Ombudsman for Foster Care

Help Line 1-877-846-1602
The Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman ensures that the voice of foster children and youth is heard and act on their behalf.


Coast Hills Church

5 Pursuit, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Heart and Home is a monthly support group that meets the first Sunday of every month from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Please r.s.v.p. ahead of time for Free Childcare / inquiries at  Heart and Home's purpose is to support families caring for children through foster care, guardianship, adoption, and Safe Families.


County of Orange California

California Department of Social Services


Family Urgent Response System (FURS)

The Family Urgent Response System (FURS) includes a statewide hotline as well as local mobile response teams to provide immediate trauma-informed support to current and former foster youth and their caregivers. Local mobile response teams are comprised of compassionate, trained professionals who are available to provide face-to-face support during critical moments. Both the statewide hotline and local mobile response teams are available 24/7/365.

Call or Text: 1-833-939-FURS


OC Social Services Agency - Children Family Services

Visit their website for information on Foster Care, Adoptions, Resources, Events and more:


OCSSA Resource Family Support



Orange County Student Mental Health Resource Directory

Browse local Orange County mental health resources for school and district staff, student/youth peers, family members, and more.


Family Resource Center

22481 Aspan Street, Suite B, Lake Forest, CA 92630

The South Orange County Family Resource Center (SOCFRC) offers a host of different programs designed as resources for parents. For more information on any of these services,

Call 949.364.0500.


Family Support Network

Parent Mentor Services -

Family Support Network.  Funded and supported by a loving community, Family Support Network offers a wide range of programs to provide resources for families of children with special needs or "at risk".


Foster Care Auxiliary of Orange County

Foster Care Auxiliary is a proactive group of foster parents, social workers and community members dedicated to working together to provide high quality care to dependent children, foster parent support and legislative advocacy.

We hope to connect you to the services you need most, when you need them, in real time.  Find local resources and best-fit services providers by visiting us at:


Mariners Church

 Foster Youth & Families 5001 Newport Coast Dr. Irvine, CA 92603

Foster Youth & Families is an Outreach Ministry at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA. The ministry provides education, events and services to the foster population in Orange County.

It truly takes a village to care for the foster youth & vulnerable children in our community! We believe everyone can play a significant part. Many of the families who welcome children into their homes need a loving community & support system to help sustain them for the long-term needs that their children have -through prayer, meals and transportation. If you are a Foster or Kinship Family in need of support, please contact Tammy McMullen: 


Olive Crest Kinship Support

Olive Crest’s goal is to provide services that strengthen families and encourage their success. Kinship Support Services offers support to relatives raising a relative’s children. If you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, extended family member, or family friend who is raising your relative’s child, and you live in Orange County, support and resources are available to you.

Olive Crest’s Kinship Program Offers:

Learning Communities and Support Groups: Provide opportunities for education and support in various group settings to empower relative caregivers, build positive connections and strengthen kinship families.

Learning Communities are currently held virtually via zoom every Tuesday 10am-12pm. Pre-registration is required. Our staff can assist with registration process if needed.

Support groups are currently held Thursday evenings from 6pm-7pm. Registration is not required. Please contact us for the link.

Intensive Case Management Services (for those who qualify). Relative caregiver advocates work closely with kinship families who may be at risk for disruption by developing an individual service plan focused on addressing specific service needs. (Advocates provide connections to community resources, respite care, and individual and family counseling.)

Please note: Childcare services during Learning Communities and Support groups are currently not available. They will become available once we resume in-person services.

To enroll or refer a family member to Kinship Support Services, contact or call 714-361-4370; En Español: Todos los servicios están disponibles en español. Para más información, contacte o 714-361-4370


Orangewood Youth Center

The Orangewood Resource Center (ORC) is available to assist you with services needed to become independent. Our goal is to provide you with individualized guidance and assistance to help you live independently.



The Nest Family Therapist