How to Register

Students must have an active ID # to register for classes. Active means you are  currently enrolled or were an enrolled within the last year.  If this is your first semester or you have not taken a class in the past year, please see the Tab on the right,  Need to Apply 1st?  to get started. 

Reminder:  Even active, Continuing students will not have access to the registration system until their individual Registration Appointment. know your Date and Time!  To check your appointment, click here.

 Instructions to Register for classes:

 1)  Go to and click MySite at top right.

  2)  Enter your STUDENT ID NUMBER and PIN. Click Login.

  3)  Click My Classes on the top red bar.

  4)  Click Add / Drop Classes on the drop-down menu.

  5)  Click Add / Drop Classes in the CORRECT SEMESTER box.  (Summer, Fall, Spring)

  6)  Update Records – Answer ALL REQUIRED FIELDS that have a *red asterisk. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page.

        Click Next.

NOTE: If you can’t move to the next screen, scroll to the top and read the message in red telling you
which question hasn’t been answered.  The most frequently missed questions are:

  • Enter your cell phone # OR select No Mobile Phone.
  • Vocational & Technical Information (VETA)
    Check pertinent boxes or None of the Above.
  • Electronic 1098T Tax Information:
    If your social security number is correctly displayed, select Yes. 
    If your social security number is NOT displayed, select Decline OR
    print theW- 9S form by clicking the link at the bottom of the screen,
    complete and mail to: District Fiscal Services, Saddleback College,
    28000 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.
    If your social security number is incorrectly displayed, submit the form above.

  7) Enter the class ticket number and click Add Class If a class is FULL, click the X in the top right of the pop-up box.  Enter another ticket number.  If the class has a WAITLIST, enter your information to be added to it.  If it doesn’t have a WAITLIST, you may petition it by going to the first class meeting and asking the instructor.

  8)  After entering all ticket numbers, click Next.

  9)  Any fees will be stated.  Click Next.

10)  Pay any materials fees for your class(es) by credit card or click that you’ll be mailing a

       check or money order.  (Payment must be received within FIVE business days.)  Click Next.

11)  Select Yes that you accept the Refund Policy. Click Complete Registration.

12)  The LAST SCREEN says “Registration Confirmation” at the top.  Make sure your

        classes are listed under “Completed Enrollment Actions.”  Print your confirmation.

                         Click Here for printable Registration Instructions


Helpful Registration Video Below!