Online Registration Instructions

*NEW/RETURNING students must first complete a student APPLICATION to obtain an Appointment to Register.
CONTINUING students can enroll in classes any time on or after their Appointment to Register date & time.

1.Log on to

2. Click MySite.

3. In the Login Name box, type in your Student ID Number and in the Password box, type in your
four-digit PIN Number, then click Login. (Contact an Emeritus Office if you need help with your PIN)

4. Click My Classes (on the left side of the screen).

5.Click Register for Classes.

6.Click Add / Drop Classes in the appropriate semester box, the semester you are registering in.

7.Update your records and/or provide requested additions to your information.  Click Next.

  • Enter your mobile (cell) phone number or click the down arrow and select “No Mobile Phone.”
  • The “Vocational & Technical Information Act (VTEA)” question:  You MUST check one (or more) boxes.
  • Check the box to verify that the correct Social Security number is on file.
  • The “Electronic 1098T” (tax form) question:  You MUST click on the down arrow and select “Yes” or “No.

8.If you cannot move forward from this page you have not answered all the questions.  Scroll up to read any   messages in RED and scroll up and down to look for the questions with RED ASTERISKS, answer them, then click “Next.”

9.Type in the class ticket number, then click Add Class.  VERY IMPORTANT!  You must click “Add Class.”        If you hit the “Enter” key instead, you will NOT be enrolled in your class(es)!

10. After you finish entering all class ticket numbers, click Next.

11.Your class fees, if any, will be stated. IMPORTANT! To complete your enrollment, you must respond to 2         questions:

  • ASB Stamp?  At the bottom left, choose “Yes” or “No” to purchase an ASB Stamp (campus discounts). Click Next.
  • Refund Policy?  Whether you have fees or not, you MUST choose the drop-down choice, “I accept the Refund Policy”. If you decline, your enrollment will not be completed. Click Next.

12.The class(es) you have successfully registered for will be listed on the “Registration Confirmation” screen.
Be sure all of your classes are listed on this page, print this confirmation, then log out.