Applying to the CalWORKs Program


  • Become a Saddleback College Student by Completing the Saddleback College online application.
  • Complete the Saddleback College CalWORKs Application and the last page needs to be completed by you and your case manager.
  • Talk to your case manager at Social Services about receiving a Welfare-to-Work Referral form (41-05). Your Saddleback College CalWORKs counselor will complete the referral at your Intake/Orientation.
  • Complete and submit a California College Promise Grant to the Saddleback College financial aid office (SSC 106), and complete an Online Free Application for Federal Student Aid "FAFSA application."
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with the CalWORKs Counselor at Saddleback College. You can do this in two ways by either calling to make an appointment at (949) 582-4620 or walk-in to the CalWORKs office at Saddleback College SSC, Room 126 and make an appointment, it is important that you identify yourself as a potential CalWORKs student to be scheduled with the right counselor.