California Work Opportunity & Responsibility to Kids

Welcome to the CalWORKs Program at Saddleback CollegeCalWORKs is a program that provides cash aid and services to eligible California families. CalWORKs at Saddleback College is partnered with the County of Social Services, MAXIMUS, and other community agencies to support students achieve their academic goals. At Saddleback College we provide CalWORKs students with academic, personal & career counseling. In addition to providing clear and consistent educational planning and counseling, we also assist students navigate the community college system and provide a bridge to other on-campus and off-campus by providing the following services:

  • Intake/Orientation 
    Students will meet with CalWORKs counselor at Saddleback College to discuss student’s responsibilities and deadlines. This takes place after you are provided 4105 referral from your case manager. 

  • Priority registration 
    CalWORKs students are eligible for priority registration as long as requirements are met. (Please meet with CalWORKs counselor for more information.)

  • Case management
    CalWORKs Counselors will work with students to ensure support is provided to support every student’s success by way of advocacy.

  • Assistance Obtaining books and supplies
    CalWORKs Counselors will meet with students and complete request for books and supplies.

  • CalWORKs Work-study opportunities  
    Qualifying students will have the opportunity to gain experience and get paid.

  • Resume building and Interview Skills 
    CalWORKs Counselors prepare student with building resume and through mock interviews 

  • Education Plans
    CalWORKs counselors work with student in completed a long term education plan

  • Personal Growth Workshops
    Monthly Workshops facilitated by CalWORKs counselors and Professionals in the Community

  • Scholarships
    CalWORKs counselors inform students of upcoming Scholarships and assist with application completion

  • Referrals to community agencies for legal, personal counseling, domestic violence and social services​​​

  • CalWORKs counselors advocate for County, child care, and college-related concerns