EOPS Student Support

The EOPS program is a state-funded program and many of the EOPS student support services are based on program funding availability.  


EOPS/CARE provides students with individualized academic, personal, career, and transfer counseling.  Students are required to make three contacts each fall and spring semester.  They must meet with an EOPS counselor for at least two of the three contacts.  Contacts for the fall and spring semester must be made at least 4-5 weeks apart.  Contacts made two weeks prior to the term count as contacts for the main term.

Priority Registration
EOPS/CARE students in good standing are eligible for priority registration.  Priority registration for the spring semester is generally during the month of November.  Summer priority registration takes place in April and priority registration for the fall semester is generally during the month of May.  Students may access their assigned appointment times on MySite by checking their appointment under the information tab.  Priority registration for summer is during the spring term.  Usage of priority registration is key for EOPS/CARE students to effectively follow their academic plan and graduate or transfer in a timely manner.

EOPS and/or CARE Book Services
EOPS/CARE students who qualify are eligible for a book voucher to assist with the cost of their textbooks. In order to qualify for a book voucher students need to registered in 9 academic units or approved. 

- Before the Fall semester begins, students are required to attend an online Information Session to be eligible for a Book Voucher. 

Summer Term: continuing students must enroll in at least 3 units and new students joining the program in 4 units. 

Cap & Gown
Graduating EOPS/CARE students may request a cap & gown from the EOPS/CARE office.

Parking Permit Services
Semester Parking Permits may be available to eligible EOPS/CARE students. Parking permits are distributed at the beginning of the semester.

- For Spring 2022, parking permits will not be necessary on the student lot. 

Application fee waiver to 4-year Colleges/ Universities
All EOPS/CARE students seeking to transfer to a UC and/or CSU will be provided with admissions application fee waivers for up to 4 UC's and 4 CSU's. 

CARE is an extension of the EOPS program. CARE serves as an educational support/assistance program for single head-of-household parents who are participants of the California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids Program (CalWORKs)/ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

EOPS/CARE students are allowed extended tutoring for many of the subjects offered at Saddleback College including but not limited to English, ESL, Math, and Sciences. Register for Tutoring 300.

As part of the EOPS/CARE program, our students are primary candidates for many scholarships. Our counselors work with students to assist and guide them in searching for and applying for scholarships available to them.

EOPS Summer Bridge
The goal of the EOPS Summer Bridge Program is to support EOPS students as they transition into Saddleback College and to provide opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with college resources available.


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we will not be offering the following services.


Textbook Loan Program 
EOPS/CARE students who have exhausted their book voucher funds and/or were not granted a book voucher due to eligibility and are still in need of books may request to borrow a book from the EOPS library.  The books will be loaned to the student until the end of the semester.

Bus Pass 
Bus passes may be available to eligible EOPS/CARE students.  Bus passes are distributed on a needs basis, Students are to follow up with an EOPS/CARE Counselor.

ASG Sponsored Events 
The Associated Student Government (ASG) co-sponsors events each year with EOPS/CARE.  These events include:

  • Adopt-a-Family: EOPS/CARE students are invited to participate in “Adopt-A-Family.”  In this program, EOPS/CARE families are provided with gifts for the holiday season.  The EOPS/CARE student makes a request along with the names, ages, and clothing sizes of all family members.  The Associated Student Government secures donations from students, faculty, and staff.  Gifts are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Give-a-Way: EOPS/CARE students also participate in the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway. 

Honor Society Membership fees (Pending Availability of Funds)
Scholastically, EOPS/CARE students excel. EOPS/CARE students who wish to partake in the Alpha Gamma Sigma and/or Phi Theta Kappa honors societies will get their fee membership reimbursed.

Laptop Loan 
The EOPS/CARE program recently initiated a laptop loan student support service. The service provides EOPS/CARE students with the opportunity to take online classes and complete homework assignments from home. Laptops are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.