Complete your Financial Aid application

Submit new or renewal 2020/2021 Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.gov. If you are a Dreamer student, complete the Dream Act Application at dream.csac.ca.gov. If you need assistance completing your financial aid application, please visit our workshop page.

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Online Student Support 


Online Student Mentor

DSPS Virtual Support Lab

OSM designated for students within Student Services (DSPS, EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs, FY, Vets). Introduction Video


Wednesdays 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

*we will start with 1 hour and will increase if needed

**we will modify the link if there are Zoom bombings

DSPS is offering DSPS students support with navigating canvas, zoom, and any other online systems. Students can get their questions answered and work with Professor Hoggatt one-on-one.

No appointment needed virtual labs are:

• Tuesdays 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

• Wednesdays 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

If you prefer to make an appointment...

Email: (mhoggatt@saddleback.edu)

Lets Begin

DSPS Virtual Lab


Saddleback Students ride the OCTA bus for Free! 

Saddleback College Students ride the OCTA bus for Free!  For information about how to get your FREE student pass, and routes available in Orange County, click here, or visit ocbus.com/sc.  If you do not have a smart phone, please click here, to fill out the Spring, 2021 Bus Pass form, and let us know.


Spring 2021 New Scholarship Information



Fall 2021 Counseling Contacts

First Counseling Contact for the Semester (August 16th - October 1st )
The purpose of the contact is to review the student's assessments and to develop or update the student's academic plan (MAP).

Second Counseling Contact for the Semester (October 4th - November 12th  )
The EOPS Counselor works with the student to review the student’s semester progress. The EOPS Counselor also discusses program and additional student support services that are available to the student such as tutoring, career planning, financial resources, and workshops to improve their success.

Third Counseling Contact for the Semester (November 15th - December 21st )
The purpose of the contact is to assess the student’s academic and personal progress. Further, the counselor and the student work together to coordinate and prepare to register for the upcoming semester.


Fall 2021 CARE Approved Workshops/Events:

Learning Resource Center "Snack and Chat" Workshop (click here)
Career and Re-Entry, Virtual Workshops (click here)
Any Transfer Center Event (click here)
CARE Point Option (click here)


Fall 2021 EOPS/CARE Book Voucher Program

Eligible students who have completed an Information Session or Orientation will be contacted via their SB email on their approval to use the book voucher.

The Book Voucher expires on September 30th - no exceptions. 

Book Vouchers

  • Used your priority date and registered for at least 9units (or approved)
    • New Students: registered in 12 units (or approved)
  • The amount of the Book vouchers is $500 and can only be used to cover the cost of required textbooks (we recommend have other payment methods ready for any textbook cost exceeding $500.00).
  • The process to redeem your EOPS book voucher:

1. Log in to the Saddleback Bookstore at https://www.bkstr.com/saddlebackstore/home (Use Google
    Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge for best results)

2. Add required textbooks to the cart.

3. Check out

4. Click on Payment Method and check the Financial Aid box

5. Click on “Find accounts” by entering student ID# to show available programs offering aid (If other funding sources are available such as Promise Program, use them for payment before using EOPS funds)

6. Click the box agreeing to the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

7. Click on the EOPS box and select “Pay with this”

8. Place an order!