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Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) is an extension of the EOPS program. CARE serves as an educational support/assistance program for single head-of-household parents who currently receive CalWORKs cash aid for themselves and/or their children.


    CARE services provide additional assistance to meet the unique needs of a single parent. CARE students may receive the following.

    1. Academic/Personal Counseling
    2. Educational Planning
    3. Vocational Assessment
    4. CARE Workshops
    5. Books and Supplies
    6. Educational Grants


      A student is eligible if he/she meets the following criteria.

      1. Is an EOPS student.
      2. Is a single head-of-the household.
      3. Is currently receiving TANF/CalWORKs assistance for themselves and/or child(ren).
      4. Has a child under 18 years of age.
      5. Is enrolled in at least 12 units upon acceptance into the program.
      6. Is at least 18 years of age.
      7. Has attended a CARE Orientation.


      Please submit the following forms to the EOPS office (SCC-126) and schedule an appointment with an EOPS/CARE Counselor.

      EOPS Application
      CARE Application
      CARE Agency Certification form

      If you have any questions or want more information about the CARE program please contact the EOPS/CARE office (949) 582-4620.



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      Below is a list of scholarships that we have recently added to the website.  To view a more detailed description of each scholarship please visit the scholarship page directly.



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