Extended Opportunity Programs & Services

Extended Opportunity Programs & Services was created by SB 164 (Alquist) in 1969 to help educationally underserved low income college students attain a college degree.

EOPS is designed to assist students from traditionally underserved and low socioeconomic backgrounds.

The goals of the EOPS Program are to prepare students to transfer to four-year universities, complete an Associate Degree, or achieve a vocational certificate.

Students Monthly To-Do-List


To Do Date Due
First Counseling Contact for the Semester
The purpose of the contact is to review the student's assessments and to develop or update the student's academic plan (MAP).   
September 15 
Second Counseling Contact
The purpose of this contact is to review the student's faculty feedback form to ensure that the student is progressing adequately and to discuss any mid-semester challenges.
November 3
Third Counseling Contact
The purpose of the third contact is to assess the student's success in reaching their goals and to assist in planning for the following semester.
December 15
Faculty Feedback Form
The purpose of the form is to monitor the student's academic progress during the semester and to provide students an opportunity to personally connect with their faculty members.
November 3

 EOPS is now accepting applications for Spring 2018 semester!