Educational Planning and Assessment (EPA)

Saddleback College EPA

The Educational Planning and Assessment Committee (EPA) supports the college’s ongoing quest for quality improvement through a comprehensive system of planning and outcomes assessment in all programs, student support units, and administrative service units. EPA guides the development, documentation, and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs); facilitates the design, preparation, and submission of Program Reviews (PRs) and Administrative Unit Reviews (AURs); and monitors and reports on their status. EPA provides professional development in these areas and assists in their integration with strategic planning, resource allocations, and other decision-making processes at the college. The committee also works to ensure that the college adheres to all accreditation standards and requirements in relation to outcomes assessment and program/administrative unit review.

Claire Cesareo, EPA Coordinator/Faculty Co-Chair
Shouka Torabi, Interim Director of Planning, Research, and Accreditation/Administrative Co-Chair

Flowchart of linking the processes of SLO assessment, program review, the Ed Code 78016 CTE Report, curricular changes, and the program vitality inquiry process.

An Overview of Educational Planning and Assessment

Program Review (PR) and Administrative Unit Review (AUR):

Contact: Margot Lovett, PRs or Shouka Torabi, AURs

  • On a three year schedule, each department, student support unit, and administrative unit at the college completes a PR or AUR as a way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of its programs and services, to determine its needs, and to make improvements as necessary
  • Departments and administrative units set objectives and action steps for the coming three years
  • PRs and AURs are linked to planning and budget allocations
  • Reports are housed in Improve (formerly TracDat) and on the EPA Committee SharePoint site

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs):

Contact: Kathy Damm, SLOs or Shouka Torabi, AUOs

A chart showing the linkage from Course SLOs to Program SLOs to Institutional SLOs.

  • Course SLOs are assessed each year in every course offered
  • Program SLOs (PSLOs) are assessed annually for each degree and certificate program
  • Course SLOs are linked directly to PSLOs and Institutional SLOs (ISLOs), as shown in the diagram above
  • Course SLOs listed on all course syllabi
  • Student support and administrative service units assess AUOs annually
  • Assessment data is housed in Improve (formerly TracDat)
  • SLO and AUO findings and actions taken are reported in the PR or AUR