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Art Instructor (2D/Drawing)
Fine Arts & Media Technology
Saddleback College

Erin has been teaching visual arts in Orange County for 20 years beginning with at risk high school students for Orange County Department of Education's ACCESS programs and continuing with the Visual Arts Conservatory of Orange County High School of the Arts.  After earning her MFA in Illustration she began teaching at the college level for Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College.  She has taught a variety of college courses that include: 2D Design, Color Theory, Drawing, Watercolor and Printmaking.  Her work as a children's book illustrator allowed for the exploration of a range of media, which she encourages in her classes.  

She strongly believes that while teaching technical skills, exposing students to a variety of artists and mediums allows them to develop an informed visual language.   Erin encourages her student's to intentionally construct their visual identity by seeking out mentors in their area of interest from any point in art history or contemporary culture.   She is committed to the development of strong studio practices and creative community through teaching students to successfully deliver and receive constructive critique and apply it to their work.  Through studio experiences visual arts education has the capacity to create lasting change and personal growth in a wide range of skill sets that are necessary for success in any career: time management,  perseverance, communication skills and collaboration.  

As faculty advisor to Saddleback's Collaborative Arts Club, Erin works with students across campus to create socially engaged creative community.  As a member of the Equity and Diversity Committee & Study Abroad Committee Erin works with her peers to create meaningful progress on campus and access to study abroad opportunities.  She embraces any opportunity to collaborate across campus and engage her students in diverse projects such as the Day of the Dead Arts Festival, Fractals & Spirals: Fibonacci and Saddleback's One Book One College shared read program.  

When not on campus she spends most of her time out on adventures with her three fabulously feral teenagers and or at home with their menagerie in Fullerton.