12:00 PM - 02:00 PM


We’re excited to invite you to a free special event hosted by Saddleback’s LOFI—Ladies of Film and Television.

Come meet and learn from award winning filmmakers Terence Bernie Hines and Sonia Machado-Hines! There will be special prizes and snacks provided.

Celebrate Achievements!

• Congrats to Terence Bernie Hines for writing, producing, and directing his debut feature film!
• A big round of applause to Sonia Machado-Hines for not only producing the film but also for her invaluable contributions to LOFI.
• Hats off to Saddleback College for nurturing the next generation of filmmakers.

Panel Discussion Topics:

• What it really takes to get an independent movie made today in Hollywood?
• What did we have to overcome regularly to get the final job done?
• What type of attitude should you have as a student to successfully get the most out of your courses?
• What type of attitude you must have as a filmmaker or crew member to successfully get a movie made?
• What are some of the ways to combat adversity as a filmmaker or crew member in the film industry?
• What does it take to WORK in the industry?

A special sneak preview teaser will be made available for all Terence’s new feature film “Mauler” for all attendees.

Whether you’re a film student, aspiring filmmaker, a seasoned pro, or just enjoy good films this event is for you! We want to support your dreams and goals in the industry, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Spread the word and mark your calendars! Let’s create a thriving filmmaking community together!

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