Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) Plan

In an attempt to strengthen how Saddleback College addresses its role in economic and workforce development within the local community and the region,  a work group representing  a wide array of college programs and services engaged in the design and drafting of a EWD plan. This is the first time the college has collected its economic and workforce development efforts into a comprehensive, model plan. This plan is intended to be a blueprint to guide the expansion, remodeling, and addition of new services and programs to the economic and workforce development efforts at Saddleback.

You are invited to download a copy of the approved EWD Plan.  Your comments are encouraged and welcomed; please direct them to:

Guiding Principles for the EWD Plan

  • The EWD plan will contribute positively to regional economic and workforce development and Saddleback students and graduates will be desired by employers in the region.
  • All faculty, staff and administrators are part of economic and workforce development.
  • The EWD program builds on the existing strengths, expertise and curriculum of the college.
  • The EWD program will include seamless services and instruction (i.e. a “pipeline of services”) within the college and with external partners.
  • Saddleback students and graduates will be desired by employers in the region.
  • Successfully complete a program of study leading to employment and/or higher degree.
  • The EWD program will track student progress and success from enrollment to employment.
  • The EWD program will use available and competitive public funding along with grants and income from fee-based and contract programs to sustain itself.