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Today's episode features artists Alvin Pagdanganan Gregorio and Alejandra Abad in conversation with Saddleback Art Instructor, Erin O'Shea.

Their creative works explore a wide range of subjects and media. They create work, spaces and experiences that explore personal narratives, family, community, collaboration, immigration, nationality & violence as well as build towards imagined futures. We’re here to listen to their experiences within the arts and academia in regards to representation and diversity.


Previous Episodes

Episode 4: Autism, Education and Performing Arts
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Episode 3: Centering Latinidad (dance)
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Episode 1: Persian/Jazz Improvisation
featuring the Sibarg Ensemble in concert.


About the Open Diversity Arts Festival

As Saddleback College continues its work in addressing what it means to be an institution that truly embraces and honors diversity, the Open Diversity Arts Festival, sponsored by the Division of Fine Arts and Media Technology in partnership with the Associated Student Government, aims to educate, through demonstration, representation, and academic exchange, on a myriad of issues that are inherent to BIPOC Artist Scholars and their creative journeys.

Each episode of the Open Series will pair a Saddleback faculty member with a creative artist whose cultural background and artistic journey creates inspired artistic expression. We hope this series will educate and encourage the Saddleback College community as we strive to be a more knowledgeable, empathetic, and sensitive academic institution.

Current and former Fine Arts students, we need you!
(all submissions due May 6)

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Episode 1 - Music in Times of Turmoil
with Dean of Fine Arts and Music Instructor, Scott Farthing

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with Dance Instructor, Steve Rosa

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 with Gallery Director and Art Instructor, Barbara Holmes

Episode 4 - Lockdown Jazz
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with Lighting and Sound Designer, Tim Swiss

Episode 6 - Quarantine Choreography
with Professor of Dance and Dance Dept. Chair, Deidre Cavazzi

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with Music Production Professor, Ariel Alexander

Episode 8 - Spinning Our Wheels
with Ceramics Instructor and Art Dept. Chair, Laura Haight

Episode 9 - Changing Women, Changing World
with Costume and Makeup Designer, Kate Bergh

Episdoe 10 - Audio Connections
with Faculty Radio Coordinator, Melodie Bergquist-Turori

Episdoe 11 - Theatre for an Immediate Future
with Theatre Arts Instructors, Shadi Ghaheri and Bill McGuire

Episdoe 12 - Bailando Bachata "Dancing Bachata"
with Dance Instructor, Steve Rosa

Episode 13 - Simplifying Performance to Gain Confidence
with Speech Instructor, Heidi Ochoa

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Episode 16 - Necessary Expression
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Episode 17 - Classical Keys
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