Faculty/Staff Information & Resources

Absence Reporting

When reporting an unplanned absence, please call the division telephone line at (949) 582 - 4747 to ensure that both students and appropriate staff members are informed in a proactive manner. Please, do not call the division assistants. The Division office will be open this spring, beginning on February 7th, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If your class is scheduled on campus and the office is closed when reporting an unplanned absence, you must also notify Campus Police to post a class dismissed sign at (949) 582 - 4585 after leaving your message on the Division's voicemail that includes the following information:

  • Your name
  • Date(s) of absences(s)
  • Reason for absence: please briefly specify the reason for absence (sick, vacation, personal necessity, or bereavement).
  • The Section I.D. (Ticket #) and Course I.D. (e.g. ART 1) of the dismissed course(s)
  • The meeting time(s) of the dismissed course(s)
  • Confirm that you have notified your students of the dismissal. In case of an emergency, the division will send an email notification to your students on your behalf. It is essential to notify students of any class-meeting changes.

When reporting a planned absence, please email the dean and the division assistants the same information as listed above to sfarthing@saddleback.edugleftwich@saddleback.edu, and tbartholomew@saddleback.edu.

Academic Calendars


2018 - 2019 Academic Calendar

  2021 - 2022 Academic Calendar
  2019 - 2020 Academic Calendar
  2022 - 2023 Academic Calendar
  2020 - 2021 Academic Calendar    

Course Syllabi

Course Syllabi


All faculty members must prepare a course syllabus for each course prior to the first day of classes. 


Beginning in fall 2021, course syllabi must be uploaded in MySite. Please refer to the Syllabus Upload User Guide for assistance.  


Prior to fall 2021, course syllabi must be uploaded to the Division Sharepoint site. Links to the uploading instructions are provided below.  


Please provide details for the final exam on your course syllabi! The Final Exam Schedule for the current semester, when applicable, can be found at the bottom of the Class Schedule webpage. Additionally, when providing your preferred contact information, do not provide the Division office number. This may cause confusion for students who wish to contact you directly. Instead, provide your Saddleback email, faculty office phone number, when applicable, or any other appropriate contact method.


Division Documents & Forms

Office Hours and Committee Assignments (Full-time Faculty Only)

Full-time faculty members must submit their office hours and committee assignments to the Division at the beginning of each semester.

Teaching Assignment Request Forms (TARs)

To be considered for a teaching assignment, current faculty members must submit a TAR to the Division. Please refer to the fillable TAR forms below for their submission deadlines:

College Documents and Forms

College Documents and Forms

Saddleback College provides internal College Documents and Forms used by faculty, staff and administration. While publicly available, the items are intended for internal office use only. District forms are not public, and may only be accessed by logging in to MySite directly; from MySite, one may then select My Work, Employee Services, Documents.

Classroom Reservations

To reserve a classroom for a meeting, complete and submit a Master Calendar Request form to the Division no less than two weeks prior to the reservation date. The form is also available under the Facilities, Maintenance & Operations menu item of the College Documents & Forms link above.

    Committee Interest Form

    Full-time faculty members must serve on a committee to fulfill their one (1) hours per week of committee and/or college service obligation. The Committee Interest Form is due to the Division before the first day of classes.

    Letterhead and Business Cards

    Saddleback College letterhead is available in the Division mailroom during normal business hours. For the digital letterhead provided below, the footer is removable, as both header and footer are images. For business card requests, please note that the Division budget is unable to allocate funds for the Associate Faculty pool; our Associate Faculty may obtain their business cards through individual funding.


    Unpaid Workload Exchange

    For faculty who anticipate a future absence for a course, but do not wish to dismiss the course, an Unpaid Workload Exchange may be sought. This is a prearranged agreement between two faculty members who agree to substitute a class of equal hours for one another, and thus be "unpaid" in the sense that the mutual substitutions balance each other out in lieu of dismissing the course entirely. The form must be filled out completely, and a faculty member may not participate in more than four (4) unpaid work exchanges within the academic year. Both participating faculty members must print and sign their name to verify their consent for exchanging hours for a single course in the future that both parties are able to instruct. Once completed, submit it to the Division Dean for approval. Only Saddleback or Irvine Valley College faculty members may participate in the exchange: faculty outside of our district cannot exchange hours.


    Important Resources Related to Students


    CARE Report

    If you know a student who needs help or support, please submit a CARE report. Links to the CARE report can be found on the following college webpages:


    Inappropriate/Disruptive Student Behavior

    Faculty are encouraged to first send an email to a student whose behaviors are either inappropriate or disruptive to the classroom environment. An email memorializes concerns and addresses those concerns privately to avoid public embarrassment or criticism. Additionally, written communication is ideal for thoughtfully and professionally responding to an issue or concern. Please refer to the reference below as a suggested template for a conflict-resolution email; if the conflict remains unresolved, you may seek additional support by contacting the Dean of Fine Arts and Media Technology Division, Scott Farthing.


    Student Discipline Report

    To submit an report of student misconduct, refer to the Office of the Vice President for Student Services website, and look for the "Student Discipline" link to submit a disciplinary incident of student misconduct; additional references are also available on the VPSS webpage.


    Title IX Report

    Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to report sexual and gender-based harassment, including dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Links to the Title IX Report can be found on the following college webpages:

    In addition to medical and mental health services, other resources available on the Student Health Center webpage include the Food Pantry and an Employee Guide - Assisting Students as well as hot lines and links for sexual assault, domestic violence and abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, safe sex family planning and STD's, housing and food resources, LGBT support and suicide and crisis. 



    Students are responsible for satisfying and/or clearing all prerequisites for any course in which they plan to enroll in prior to their registration date.

    In order to clear a prerequisite, students must submit an online Prerequisite Evaluation Request, which is located on the Matriculation webpage.

    Upon receipt, the Matriculation Office will forward the Prerequisite Request to the Fine Arts and Media Technology Division staff (Tammy Bartholomew and Giziel Leftwich) who will in turn forward the form to the department chair. The department chair may review the form or forward it to the appropriate discipline expert.

    If an assessment test is required, the department chair or discipline expert may forward the form to the appropriate laboratory technician to administer.

    Upon completion of the evaluation, the department chair, discipline expert or laboratory technician must indicate if the request was approved or denied on the notes line, sign, date, and return the form to the division staff for processing and student notification. In addition, the form will be returned to the Matriculation Office and filed for auditing purposes.

    South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD)


    Saddleback College is one of three campuses in the South Orange County Community College District. The Board oversees all academic programs and educational services , integrity and effectiveness of the student learning programs and services, and the financial stability of Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College and the Advanced Technology & Education Park. For more information about the board including member profiles, board policies, agendas, highlights and streaming video, visit the SOCCCD Board of Trustees webpage. 


    The Vice Chancellor of Business Services oversees all District business departments including Accounting, Fiscal Services, Employee Benefits, Payroll, Risk Management, and Facilities Planning (Purchasing, Warehouse and Mailroom). For more information about the business departments, visit the SOCCCD Business Services

    The Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Employer/Employee Relations oversees services to more than 3,000 employees in the areas of human resources and employee relations. For more information about current jobs, employee information (salary schedules, contracts, FMLA/CFRA Whistleblower Hotline) EEO, harassment policy and complaint procedures, employee benefits, and Title IX, visit the SOCCCD Human Resources webpage.


    Part-time Faculty Positions

    For more information on potential Part-time teaching positions, visit the Human Resources domain of the SOCCCD website for employment opportunities. The Chairs for each of our departments will review District applications online when positions become available.


    The volunteer process has been updated to be compliant with AR 7500 – Volunteer Assistance and AR 7330 – Communicable Diseases.  The new process is effective immediately.  

    Volunteers Currently Approved

    • Must complete the Volunteer Authorization of Health Information ONLY and submit to manager for verification and signature.
    • Manager must send completed form to HR.
    • Volunteer Authorization of Health Information form must be received by HR in order for volunteer to continue performing services after January 7, 2022.

    New Volunteers

    • Must complete all forms listed on the Volunteer Process Flow Chart and submit to HR prior to beginning assignment.
    • Volunteers must be cleared by HR and Board approved prior to beginning assignment.

    If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Heinbuch at dheinbuch@socccd.edu or (949) 582-4371.

    Volunteer Forms

    Volunteer Agreement - Working with Adults

    Volunteer Agreement - Working with Minors

    SOCCCD COVID 19 RTW Protocol Volunteer Acknowledgment

    Volunteer Authorization of Health Info Form

    Volunteer Report of Convictions

    Volunteer Process

    Request for Live Scan Service - Applicant Submission