Music Technology Program

Learn to produce and promote your music for a career in the music industry.  Saddleback College’s Commercial Music programs focus on music business, music technology, and popular music performance.  You will learn in a state-of-the-art music production laboratory using industry standard hardware and software. 

Music Production Occupational Skills Award

The Occupational Skills Award trains students with skills for jobs in music production, film/television/game composition, live performance, sound design, music editing, and music recording.

Music Production Entrepreneurship Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement builds on the Occupational Skills Award and adds classes in recording and entrepreneurship. 

Courses in Commercial Music

  • Music Production

  • Digital Multi-Track Music Recording

  • Introduction to Music Technology

  • Commercial Music Ensembles (including Popular Music Ensemble, Electronic Music Ensemble, and Soul Ensemble)

  • Popular Songwriting

  • Introduction to the Music Industry

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