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The innovative virtual event series features inspirational, educational and entertaining programming for FREE to the public. Click the links below to view past Live at Home events:

Episode 1 - Music in Times of Turmoil
with Interim Dean and Music Instructor, Scott Farthing

Episode 2 - Gozando con Salsa "Savoring Salsa"
with Dance Instructor, Steve Rosa

Episode 3 - A Guided Tour of the Saddleback Art Gallery
 with Gallery Director and Art Instructor, Barbara Holmes

Episode 4 - Lockdown Jazz
with Music Instructors Joey Sellers and Scott Farthing

Episode 5 - A Light in the Dark
with Lighting and Sound Designer, Tim Swiss

Episode 6 - Quarantine Choreography
with Professor of Dance and Dance Dept. Chair, Deidre Cavazzi

Episode 7 - Constructing a Song...
with Music Production Professor, Ariel Alexander

Episode 8 - Spinning Our Wheels
with Ceramics Instructor and Art Dept. Chair, Laura Haight

Episode 9 - Changing Women, Changing World
with Costume and Makeup Designer, Kate Bergh

Episdoe 10 - Audio Connections
with Faculty Radio Coordinator, Melodie Bergquist-Turori

Episdoe 11 - Theatre for an Immediate Future
with Theatre Arts Instructors, Shadi Ghaheri and Bill McGuire

Episdoe 12 - Bailando Bachata "Dancing Bachata"
with Dance Instructor, Steve Rosa

Episode 13 - Simplifying Performance to Gain Confidence
with Speech Instructor, Heidi Ochoa

Episode 14 - Thankful
with the Saddleback Arts Faculty and Staff and Special Guests.

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