CTVR - Cooperative Work Experience

All Cinema/Television/Radio certificates require completion of a 1 unit CWE 180 course.  

Students and Employers learn more about the Saddleback College CWE program.


Provides supervised work experience extending classroom-based occupational learning at an on-the-job learning station relating to the student's occupational goal; employment related to major. Student, instructor, and employer will cooperatively develop a minimum of three learning objectives. One unit of credit awarded for each 75 hours of paid or 60 hours of volunteer employment, for successful completion of learning objectives, and for attendance at scheduled seminar sessions. A maximum of four units may be applied toward major requirements for certificate.

Audio Booth

Typical CWEE Worksites

  • NBC Universal/Comcast
  • Sony Pictures
  • 20th Century Fox Television
  • Comedy Central - Viacom
  • MTV
  • ESPN
  • 'Ryan Seacrest Productions
  • Authentic Entertainment
  • High Noon Entertainment
  • Cox Communication (Orange County)
  • KSBR-FM (Saddleback campus radio)
  • KUSI News
  • KFMB News
  • The Capistrano Dispatch
  • Capitol Records
  • Def Jam Records
  • Warner Music Group
  • Ticketmaster/Live Nation Entertainment
  • Rogers & Cowan Public Relations
  • E! Entertainment News

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