To pursue an exciting career with job opportunities, the Saddleback College Cinema/Radio/Television program prepares students in all areas relating to the understanding and use of cinematic and broadcast media. Our program offers access to state-of-the-art equipment, solid academics, and hands-on experiences with professional productions.

Students select one of six areas of specialty. For each specialty, you can earn an occupational skills award to prepare for an entry level position in less than one year or a certificate program that can be achieved in up to two years. Many areas accept credits earned at designated high schools or ROPs (Regional Occupational Programs). Completion of one of these programs increases the value of the technical, aesthetic, and project management skills needed for employment and advancement in a career in these fields.

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Julie Brady Jenner
Professor of Cinema-Television-Radio
(949) 582-4712

Hiro Konishi View profile information for Hiro Konishi View website for Hiro Konishi
Professor of Cinema-Television-Radio
(949) 582-4220

Maria Mayenzet View profile information for Maria Mayenzet View website for Maria Mayenzet
Professor of Cinema-Television-Radio
(949) 582-4747

Charlie Myers View profile information for Charlie Myers View website for Charlie Myers
Professor of Cinema-Television-Radio
(949) 582-4209

Matt Brodet
Media Production Specialist
(949) 582-4922

Scott Greene
Lab Technician, CTVR
(949) 582-4321

Randy Van Dyke
Lab Technician, CTVR
(949) 348-6281

Dawn Kamber
Radio News Director
(949) 582-4508

Jim Rondeau
Director of College Broadcast Services
(949) 582-4714

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statements

Federal regulations require higher education institutions to disclose information regarding the success of its students in certificate programs that lead to employment.

The information includes graduation rates, estimated education costs, median debt of students who completed programs, and other information designed to help students make better-informed choices about colleges and universities they select.


CTVR-Critical Studies

Post Production


Screen Acting and Voice Performance