The Photography Department at Saddleback College provides students with the skills necessary to achieve success in their academic and professional pursuits. Classes are designed to provide both technical and theoretical instruction in the making of photographic imagery and utilize the most current hardware and software available.

The Saddleback Photography Department is committed to Photography as a Fine Art medium, yet recognizes the technical aspects of the digital age. Students will be challenged beyond learning the technical aspects of the machinery, and will be tasked to make thought provoking imagery.

Saddleback Photography classes are completely digital; no wet lab or chemicals. To continue a tradition of excellence in image making, the Saddleback Photography Department utilizes the newest Macintosh computers and Epson Large Format Printers. The program is built around Adobe Photoshop's Lightroom image management software, and utilizes Adobe Photoshop's Creative Suite for in depth editing and manipulation.

Photography Degrees and Certificates

Photography Associate in Arts

Saddleback Photography classes will prepare students for transfer to a four year college or university, for a degree in Photography, or can be used to satisfy a general education requirements.

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Photography Courses

Photography Courses

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