C2 and C3 Forms


As academic leaders, all division deans and department chairpersons are responsible for selecting, coaching, and evaluating qualified faculty to teach online courses and ensuring that these courses meet Title V and Accreditation standards. From the creation and submission of the C2/C3 forms to the course delivery of online instruction, these leaders play a pivotal role in safeguarding quality control and standards.  As we grow online instruction at Saddleback College and with Accreditation loaming in the near future, working together to build a quality online education program is essential to our success.

Online Education Courses Approved by Instructors

Unique to Saddleback College, the Academic Senate maintains a comprehensive and rigorous control of the approval of online education courses by instructors.  This process requires that all instructors be approved through the Curriculum Committee to teach an individual online (fully or hybird) course under the following circumstances:

  • An online course (hybrid to fully online) is being offered by a specific instructor for the first time.
  • Significant changes occur that include course title and units, changes in the percentage of the course taught online, instructor’s regular and substantive contact, changes in style of delivery,  or if the instructor has a name change.
  • An online course (hybrid or fully online) by instructor was approved prior to Fall 2011.

Getting Started - First Step for Faculty

Whenever a faculty member wishes to teach or to update his/her online course, he or she must first seek approval by the department chairperson and division dean. Once a faculty member has been given the authorization to move forward, he or she is required to complete and submit the official C2 form and to follow the official curriculum approval process.

Submission of the C2 Form - Second Step for Faculty

Once a faculty member is authorized by the department chairperson and dean to teach online for the first time or to update his or her current online course, he or she must complete the following:

1. Complete the Curriculum Committee Form C2 (web-based form) per the instructions defined on this site: Online Education: Courses Approved by Instructor and the Guide for Completing the C2 Form.

2.  Create and/or update the course syllabus using this template: Completing the Course Syllabus.

3. Download the C2 Form and course syllabus and obtain the required signatures as noted on the form.

4. Submit the signed C2 Form and course syllabus to the Curriculum Office (BGS 211/212) by the appropriate curriculum deadline.

Important: Encourage the instructor to go to the Faculty Center for Student Success to learn more about how to complete the C2 form, create and/or update the course syllabus and explore the latest tips on best teaching practices and instructional tools for success.

Quality Control - The Role of the Department Chairperson and Dean

The department chairpersons and division deans are the gatekeepers for quality control and academic excellence. Specific to effective online instruction, their responsibilities include:

  • Select faculty with the appropriate knowledge and skill set to teach online courses.
  • Require faculty to go to the Faculty Center for Student Success for guidance on best practices in online education and how to create and manage their courses through Blackboard.
  • Review all C2 forms and the corresponding course syllabus for their successful completion in terms of accuracy and quality standards.  For assistance, use the: Guide for Reviewing the C2 Form and Course Syllabus. Do not sign the C2 forms until they meet or exceed the appropriate standards.
  • Periodically meet with instructors to assess their online courses to ensure acceptable standards and effective course delivery.

Resources for Support

Important:  All faculty whose names are not listed on the Master List: Online Education Database (updated as of July 17th)  must create or update their C2 form and course syllabus and submit them to the Curriculum Office following the steps outline above.