Online Education Guide for Academic Leaders

Project Goal - Quality and Success Matters

  1. Design a new website for our department chairpersons and division deans on best practices specific to hiring and mentoring online faculty and strategies for success when reviewing the C2/C3 forms and assessing online course development and implementation.
  2. Establish and implement a training for all department chairpersons and division deans on online instruction.

Website Training and Development Team

Stipend: 6 hours for each faculty member at $41.88 per hour
Activities:  Two meeting dates and time to pull together resources

Team Facilitator: Patti Flanigan, Dean of Online Education and Learning Resources
Faculty Center Staff:  Valerie Senior, Vivian Nguyen, and Thomas MacKenzie

Faculty Team
Rebecca Knapp, Business
Jenny Langrell, Department Chairperson, Library Services
Lisa Montagne Galloway, English Department
Brett Myhren, English Department

Consultant:  Kathy Damm, Coordinator, Faculty Center for Student Success, and Barbara Cox, Department Chairperson,  Business


Team Meeting Date/Time

Tuesday, August 12 in LRC 337 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.


Training Areas

Area One: Qualifications to Teach Online
Team Leader: Patti Flanigan/Team: Brett Myhren, Lisa Montagne Galloway, Jenny Langrell, and Rebecca Knapp

Area Two: C2 and C3 Forms
Team: Patti Flanigan and Kris Leppien-Christensen

Area Three:  Online Course Syllabus
Team Leader: Rebecca Knapp/Team: Vivian Nguyen

Area Four: Course Development and Quality Control
Team Leader: Lisa Montagne Galloway/Team: Valerie Senior and Thomas MacKenzie

Area Five: Assessment of Best Practices in an Online Course
Team Leader: Brett Myhren/Team: Lisa Montagne Galloway, Valerie Senior and Vivian Nguyen

Reference Materials