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Psychology Department


Welome to the World of Psychology!


Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

The study of psychology is particularly rewarding because it allows students to replace judgment of others with a deeper understanding of people and their behavior, based on a clear understanding of basic scientific research in the field.

As a psychology instructor, my hope is that through a liberal teaching philosophy tempered by clear boundaries, students will not only learn autonomy, respect for others, and accountability for their actions, but they will also feel encouraged to pursue topics that pique their interest, and learn to think freely and critically, rather than feel required to merely memorize and regurgitate information.

At the very minimum, my wishes for my students are threefold: that they become excited and interested in the subject, that they learn how to think, which includes developing their own well-informed opinions, and that they remember that all the individuals in class form an important social group, from which they can learn about themselves.

As good psychologists and good citizens,students will see that the behavior of each individual in a group affects the group as a whole; your behavior matters, in psychology class as well as in life.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

~ Amanda Harris