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Master of Fine Arts, CSULB

Bachelor of Fine Arts, CSULB

Master of Education, UVA

Bachelor of Arts, Mary Baldwin College





Angela M. Plunkett













Contact:  aplunkett@saddleback.edu



Location: Fine Arts 210, T/T 3D Design  6-8:50 pm


Office Hours:  before and after class and by appointment




A little about me and my philosophy... 

We live in a world teeming with life and surrounded by beauty, color, and texture. It’s an exciting world! It is ours to experience, and once you see the world through the eyes of an artist, you will never see things the same!

Because we move in and about our world so quickly, we miss things. We often take things for granted, not really ”seeing” or observing or experiencing. We are not engaged with the physical/visual world to the extent possible. It could be that we are on visual overload and that the experience needs to be slowed down in order for us to assimilate it. One of my objectives is to help aid you in the development of your own sense of “sight” and powers of observation, your own visual assimilation and appreciation of the introductory skills and techniques necessary to express yourself visually. Learning to “see” takes time and is an ongoing endeavor. You will also learn to use and speak the language of art. Now that you’ve arrived, we are ready to begin our art journey. I will act as your tour guide and artist in residence on this incredible journey. You have lots of interesting masterpieces to visit, techniques and media to explore, and challenging visual problems to solve creatively. You will linger and enjoy some projects and some media more than others. Some you will want to visit repeatedly. The experience is different for each of us. But one thing is for sure: Your sightseeing journey will be uniquely yours. 

Of course, you should know about your art guide. I was born in Virginia and received a Bachelor of Art in Liberal Arts from Mary Baldwin College and a Master of Education degree from the University of Virginia. I was also awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts (Drawing and Painting) and a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts (Drawing and Painting) from California State University, Long Beach.

My latest venture has been to complete the Online Skills Teaching Certificate (August 2010 from Saddleback College), which involved taking six classes to update my computer skills for online delivery.  I also completed Blackboard Basics Certification, March 1, 2011.

I re-visited 3 Dimensional Design in spring of 2011 and fell in love all over again with the creation of three dimensional objects.  I have always been interested in the play between 2D and 3D art forms.  I am fascinated by metal surfaces and their reactions to chemicals, the beautiful grain, variety, and textures of wood, the pliability of clay, and the way a flat, two dimensional drawing comes to life in the round in sculpted plaster.  During the summer I ventured into a new medium, Jewelry, or what I like to refer to as sculpture in miniature.  There is no end to the wonders of art, both creatively and intellectually and so goes my journey. 

I taught elementary school for several years in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. After I relocated with my family to Orange County, I volunteered for several years as an Art Docent for the Saddleback Valley Unified School District in a program called Young At Art.  This was the catalyst that started by academic training as an artist.  After taking many art classes, I decided to pursue a career in the arts.  As you will soon discover, art is an evolving process, constantly changing.

My work has been exhibited in Virginia, California, Oregon and Florence. Some of the classes I have taught include 2 Dimensional Design and Drawing at Saddleback College, Painting 1 & 2 and Drawing 1 at Orange Coast College, 2 Dimensional Design, Color Theory, and Composition and Color at the Laguna College of Art and Design, and Art Education for Elementary and Middle School Teachers at California State University, Fullerton.  Am I very passionate about art? You bet! And I am just as passionate about teaching art. So come! Now is the time for you to start your incredible journey into the wonderful world of art!