Math 7: College Algebra

Class Notes


Here are the notes I will be lecturing from in class. Remember you don't have to use the notes unless you want to, but I highly suggest you do. You may also purchase the notes from the Campus Bookstore.

CHAPTER 2: The Rectangular Coordinate System and Graphs of Equations

The Rectangular Coordinate System (Section 2.1)

The Slope of Nonvertical Lines (Section 2.2)
Writing Equations of Lines (Section 2.3)
Graphs of Equations (Section 2.4)
Chapter 3: Functions

Functions and Function Notation (Section 3.1)

Quadratic Functions (Section 3.2)

Polynomials and Other Functions (Section 3.3)

Transformations (Section 3.4)
Operatrions on Functions (Section 3.6)
Inverse Functions (Section 3.7)
TEST REVIEW #1: Chapters 2 and 3
Chapter 4: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Exponential Functions and their Graphs (Section 4.1)
Applications (Section 4.2)
Logarithmic Functions and their Graphs (Section 4.3)
Applications (Section 4.4)
Properties of Logarithms (Section 4.5)
Solving Equations (Section 4.6)
Chapter 5: Solving Polynomial Equations

The Remainder and Factor Theorems (Section 5.1)

Descarte's Rule of Signs (Section 5.2)
Roots of Polynomial Equations (Section 5.3)
TEST REVIEW #2: Chapters 4 and 5
Chapter 6: Linear Systems
Systems of Linear Equations (Section 6.1)
Gaussian Elimination and Matrix Methods (Section 6.2)
Matrix Algebra (Section 6.3)
Matrix Inversion (Section 6.4)
Determinants (Section 6.5)
Chapter 7: Conic Sections
The Circle and the Parabola (Section 7.1)
The Ellipse (Section 7.2)
The Hyperbola (Section 7.3)
Equations of Conics Summary Sheet
Conic Sections Worksheet
TEST REVIEW #3: Chapters 6 and 7
Chapter 8:
The Binomial Theorem (Section 8.1)
Sequences, Series, and Summation Notation (Section 8.2)
Arithmetic Sequences (Section 8.3)
Geometric Sequences (Section 8.4)
Mathematical Induction (Section 8.5)
Permutations and Combinations (Section 8.6)