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Professor, Biological Sciences

Saddleback College

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Bromeliads     Hummingbirds     Monarch butterfly caterpillar

Bromeliad, hummingbird nestlings,

monarch butterfly caterpillar.

— From my backyard, Capistrano Beach, Summer 2012   




Biology is the study of living things.  I have taught Biology, as a full-time faculty member, at Saddleback College since 1990, and love it!  I adore teaching and I have a passion for the subjects in the biological sciences.  I hope this translates to a positive student experience in all of my classes. 

I teach Introduction to Biology (Bio 20), Modern Theories of Evolution (Bio 40) and Human Anatomy (Bio 11).  In Fall '12, I will only be teaching Bio 20 & Bio 40.  I will be developing Human Anatomy as a hybrid-distance education course during my  Spring '13 sabbatical, and it will be taught in Fall '13 or Spring '14.

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Biology is everywhere...  we live in a world surrounded by living things; plants, animals, fungi, and microscopic things.  We are living entities; as human beings, we grow and develop, we reproduce, we are affected by aging, diseases, and disorders.  We live in an environment increasingly affected by the burgeoning numbers of our species on this Earth, and numbers of other species decline as a result.  We need to be educated individuals, and to undersand the basics of biology, as it relates to ourselves, and to the world around us.  My goal is to empart to my students this understanding of biology, to stimulate curiosity about living things, to become educated voting citizens on topics relating to biology and the environment-- and to hopefully give you a long-lasting appreciation for the beauty of nature.


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