CHEM 108 Extra Credit Assignment (Zoval, Nassimi, and Anand's Classes Only)

The extra credit opportunity is worth up to 6 exam % points.  The points will be added to your exam #3 score.

Goal:  Make a video using a “real world” example to teach a CHEM 108 concept.

  • High quality videos from this assignment will be added to my class website to teach students the concepts studied in Chemistry 108.
  • I am available for help with your project, see me during class or office hours.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE

 Project Requirements:

  • The video must be at least 3 minutes in length, but no longer than 12 minutes.
    • Bicarbonate and vinegar reaction (sometimes called volcano), pH, gas laws, balancing reactions, combustion reaction, spontaneous vs non spontaneous, phase changes, homogeneous vs. inhomogeneous, colloids, suspensions, saturated vs. unsaturated solutions, osmosis/osmotic pressure, diffusion.

Camera:  Most of you have access to a video camera (many of you have video capability in your phone). For students that do not have access to a camera, the Chemistry Department has one available for a 3-day loan.  See me to reserve a time, the camera check-out reservation schedule is posted in the lab room. 

Due date:  Video will be turned in on or before the day of exam 3.  Late videos will get half credit, videos not turned in before the final will not be accepted.  

To turn in:   Upload your video to YouTube (  You can create a YouTube account and post videos for free by clicking on “create account” in the YouTube homepage. You will see instructions for uploading videos on the youtube site.  Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, send me an email with your name, and a link to the YouTube video.

Grading Rubric (6 points possible)

Assignments will be graded on the following:

  • A video was submitted. (+1 point)
  • A real-world example was used. (+1 point)
  • The content factually accurate. (+1 point)
  • Slides (PowerPoint, Endnote, static pictures, etc) were used in NO MORE than 50% of the video. (+1 point)
  • There a VOICE audio track? (+1 point)

Examples of excellent student generated content videos from previous semesters:

For details and helpful hints on making videos, camera choice, audio, editing, and format, use the following links:

Introduction to Video-Making

  • Learn about camera choice, shooting basics, and editing basics. 

Editing Videos using Microsoft Windows OS

  • Free video editing software for Windows operating system.

Editing Videos using Mac OS

  • Use i-movies, download it for free from the mac app store.
  • Use the link above to learn about camera choice, shooting basics, and editing basics for i-movies.

More tips on student video-making