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Email: kwoodward@saddleback.edu

I much prefer e-mail to phone messages.     If I do not respond to your e-mail within 48 hours, please resend it.   Make sure that you include your name, student number, and class ticket number in all e-mail correspondence.

Phone: 582-4868 at Saddleback College.  I much prefer e-mail to phone messages.  I am on-line more than I am on the phone.  When you send me an e-mail, make sure that you include your name, student number, and the ticket number of your class section.

Office: BGS 343 on the Saddleback College campus.

Office Hours: Vary by semester.  Please e-mail me for an individual appointment.

Book Information: Please don't purchase any material for my courses prior to receiving the course syllabus.




My name is (Professor, Dr.) Ken Woodward. I received my master's degree in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh, and I have a Ph.D. from the University of California at Riverside. I have been teaching economics for more than twenty five years at various colleges.  My principal interests in economics center on macroeconomics and international political economy.   I have found that my travel experiences throughout the world have given me new insights and perspectives on economic theory.

Most of my teaching load in recent years has been in Economics 2: Principles of Macroeconomics and International Political Economy.  Macroeconomics looks at the "big picture" or the aggregate economy.

Contemporary economic concerns such as unemployment, inflation, business cycles, and economic growth are some of major topics in macroeconomics.  There is a special focus on the international dimensions of macroeconomics in my sections of Economics 2.

In the Spring 2013 semester I was fortunate to co-teach a course in International Political Economy (Econ 11, PS 11) with the late Professor Micael Merrifield. We explored some of the momentous changes that are occurring as a result of globalization from an interdisciplinary social sciences perspective. International Political Economy covers the impact of political decisions on world economies and international organizations.  I hope to teach or co-teach International Political Economy in future semesters.  Your students and colleagues miss you Micael!





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