Dr. LeeAnn Stone

| Social and Behavioral Sciences Division, Education

LeeAnn Stone


About the Instructor

This I believe: time here is too short to waste any of it in endeavors that don't contribute to and challenge me in building and strengthening my own capacities, and to be able to fully employ those capacities to the advancement and growth of the people and organizations with whom I work and interact on both personal and professional levels.

So I am very excited to have the opportunity to develop and teach courses for Saddleback’s new online teaching certificate, to share my knowledge and experience and those of the hundreds of teachers I have worked with over the 25 years of my career. Additionally, I always look forward to learning new things from my students and sharing that new knowledge in exchanges with colleagues and others which builds all our mutual capacities.

I began my career at U.C. Irvine where I was Director of the Humanities Instructional Resource Center from 1984 through 1999. I left UCI to pursue my doctorate (Ed.D. in Educational Technology, Pepperdine University, 2003) and independent consulting. I have worked with dozens of colleges and universities, schools and school districts, and government agencies in faculty training in technology integration, curriculum design and course redesign. I also spent 5+ years (2003-2009) applying my skills within the educational publishing industry.

In additional to teaching at Saddleback, I am also a full-time Administrator at Brandman University overseeing the development and transition of all Brandman’s courses from F2F to blended and online formats (including training of faculty and adjuncts for the change).

I have been active in a variety regional, national and international organizations throughout my career including serving as President of the International Association for Language Learning and Technology (IALLT).

My most recent publication (Task-Based III: Expanding the Range of Tasks with Online Resources, 2009) is an edited volume of innovative, web-involved task-based activities and lesson plans from contributors around the globe.

I was born and raised here in Orange County and enjoy the many activities that our climate and area afford: hiking (despite our growth, there are still many beautiful open areas left to hike locally), water skiing (at 6:45 am between Corona del Mar and Laguna!), snow skiing, biking, kayaking, gardening, and farther afield—traveling. I also serve as a merit badge counselor for the area and Eagle Scout counselor for Boy Scout Troop 33 in my free time.