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Welcome to Anthropology!

Meredith Dorner  joined Saddleback College in August, 2008 as a adjunct faculty member.  Her responsibilities include teaching a variety of courses including: Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Introduction to Biological Anthropology Lab.  She also teaches and/or has taught courses at MiraCosta College, Grossmont College, Palomar College, Pitzer College, and City College including: Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Lab, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Human Anatomy and Lab, General Biology and Lab, Environmental Biology and Lab, and Monkeys, Apes and Humans.

In her spare time, Meredith enjoys spending time with her family, reading, singing, and traveling.

University of California, San Diego CA 2006.
M.S. State University of New York, Buffalo NY 2003.
B.A. Smith College, Northampton MA, 2000

Research Interests
Animal Behavior 
- Chimpanzee Grooming, Reconciliation, Dolphin Cognition

Marine Ecology
- Sea Anemone and Zooxanthellae Genetics