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How To Add My Class


Priority Add List Information

My classes utilize the Priority Add List (wait list) system. 


Add yourself to the Priority Add List even if the course is full:

1.  In MySite, enter the course code and press register.

2.  Follow the prompts to add yourself to the Priority Add List. 

3.  Keep checking the status of the class; if someone drops before the first week of classes, their spot will be available for someone else to register. 

4.  Once you are on the Priority Add List, attend the first class meeting. 

5.  Any empty seats in the class are filled on the first day by adding students from the PAL.


Prerequisite Information


For Bio15:  Bio 20 (Introduction to Biology or equivalent).  Additional info available at:


For Bio3C:   Bio 3A (General Biology) and Chem12A (Organic Chemistry).


If you have taken the prerequisites, then you will need to complete and submit a Prerequisite Evaluation Form (along with a copy of your transcript) to the Science & Math Division Office at SM 334. 

This is especially important if you have taken the prerequisites at a different institution.




Textbook Information

Bio15 - Microbiology

Microbiology: an Introduction, 11th Ed.  2013.  Tortora, G., Funke, B., and Case, C.  Benjamin Cummings Publishing Co., San Francisco, CA. 

Textbook Companion Website:



Bio3C - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biochemistry:  A Short Course, 2nd Ed. 2013.  Tymoczko, Berg, and Stryer.  W.H. Freeman and Co., New York, NY. 

Textbook Companion Website:



Lab Manuals for both courses will be available on Blackboard shortly before the first day of class.