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Plate Tectonics

  Introduction to MS 20   Practice Exam
Endless Voyage: Over the Edge   Plate Tectonics   Link to Dating Exercises
Endless Voyage:  Water Properties   Earthquakes-Plate Boundaries   Another Dating Link
Endless Voyage:  Something in the Air   Rocks and Minerals   Rock Cycle

Endless Voyage:  Currents

  Marine Sediment   Coriolis links


  Sea Water    

Beach a River of Sand

  Ocean Chemistry   Wave Work Sheet

Blue Planet:  Tidal Seas

  Atmospheric Circulation   Wave Work Sheet Answers

Blue Planet:  Seasonal Seas

  Currents  El Nino    

Black Smokers

  Waves   Tides Exercise

Kings of  Camouflage


Blue Planet: The Deep


Blue Planet:  Ocean World

  Coasts and Estuaries   Coast Exercise

Giant Squid

   Marine Habitat   Taxonomy Study Guide

Endless Voyage: Pollution


Productivity and Energy Transfer

  Practice Lab Final (Study Guide)

Devils of the Deep

  Nekton     Fish    

The Living Sea

  Communities & Taxonomy    
    Marine Resources   Pollution    

Ms 20 Jeopardy

Ms 20 Jeopardy 2



Learn Smart   Other Stuff   Maps
Connect getting started tips   Contract   Practice contour map 1
Connect Power Point   Student Projects   Practice contour map 2
Learn Smart Video   Grade Sheet   An answer to practice map 2
    Textbook Preview    
        World map (Practice drawing currents, ridges etc.)
        Current Map
        Blank World map
        Ridge map
        Ridge & transform map
        Trench map
        Ridges, trenches, transforms
        Ocean Floor Cross Section

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