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Your path to success as a Gaucho!

Why do I need to see a counselor for student athletes?
* Help ensure a successful transfer to a 4 year University
* Learn rules to remain eligible and compete at Saddleback
* Learn how to use college resources, saving time and frustration
* Help choosing a career path and major
* Personal counseling available if needed

So, where do I begin?
* Apply to Saddleback and take the Matriculation test
* If you are new, check out your New Recruits Game Plan
* If you are returning, you need an educational plan of file!
* Make an appointment with an athletic counselor ASAP
* Use the resources on this page!

Gaucho Special thanks to our student athletes Emily Herrmann (Softball) and James Hong (football) for their leadership as Peer Mentors in the new G.A.M.E. program

Gaucho G.A.M.E. (Gaucho Athlete Mentor Exchange) provides one on one peer guidance and counseling for freshman athletes

Learn the rules of the game!

Get help from these Coaches!

Practice the key plays of the game! (Transfer)

Go out and win the big game! (Career resources)